Unclaimed Cash In Your Name


Is there Unclaimed Cash in your name?

Many years ago I discovered money owed me sitting in a holding account. I never did figure out how it got there since I had lived at the same address forever. Apparently when companies owe consumers money they often don’t take the time to connect with the customer for reimbursement and the money ends up in an unclaimed money fund.

Unclaimed cash and property can consist of dividends, insurance refunds, bank account balances, un-cashed checks, securities, utility refunds, royalties, child support payments, etc. This can also happen when an estate is settled and contact can not be made with the heirs. The money sits in holding which can include state/local governments, banks, businesses, retailers, hospitals, etc. The money must be turned over to the state in which the owners’ last address resides in. If you have lived in multiple states, money may be sitting around waiting to be claimed in all of them. The funds are held until the owner can be found.

It is time consuming to search each state for their unclaimed cash and property fund department. Once found, names are submitted and a search is performed. Sometimes money is under just the first initial and the last name. Sometimes money is under the maiden name. It can be difficult to search and locate all the money owed to you.

There are advantages to using a service. Since not all unclaimed assets are in state and federal databases yet, even though they will eventually end up there, there may be a delay in locating the money. Most unclaimed funds departments have scheduled update times allowing the search you perform to be outdated. However; services that search for you are able to search the database and locate money quicker and faster.

To see if there is anything out there for you to claim start with a free trial. This allows you to see the dollar amount in unclaimed funds reported. This is not a guarantee that the money is yours since there are others with the same information as you. It simply means that funds are unclaimed matching the description you provided. Once money or property is found that belongs to you simply subscribe to the premium plan and you will be guided through the claim process step by step. You can even speak with an asset recovery specialist. They are available to help with any confusing or complicated parts.

Not only will you find unclaimed funds for yourself, but you can find anything owed your family and even your friends. The database used contains information from all 50 states and several Federal agencies that could belong to you. This is tedious work so let someone with experience do it for you.

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