“Time To Save” with Vicki Stanley Brown, Everything saving

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by to see my newest project. I just couldn’t wait to tell you first about the new Google Hangout series I will be doing. I completed my first video and have a series planned to teach you how I save and make money online and offline.

The new series is “Time To Save

If you are looking for ways to cut back your spending or just love the challenge of seeing how much you can save then this series is for you. I will be teaching how it all started for me and how to this day I continue to learn and think outside the box to find new ways to save even more.

I am not an extreme shopper and I don’t believe in buying items just because they are a good deal. If the product is something you use often or is something that another person you know could use, by all means get the deal, but I refuse to buy a product I don’t use and don’t plan on using just because of the price. That is not saving to me but rather wasting.

The first hangout of Time To Save, I talked about coupons. What are coupons and the different types of coupons available to use? How to combine them with store savings and how to get paid to use them too. Watch the video for more detailed information. If you want to be notified of future videos – then sign up with your email and I will notify you when to return.


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