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WPTV News Interviews teacher/parent Franklin Academy

WPTV -Firing of Teacher (NO CAUSE)


Here is a story by our local tv, WPTV News interviewing an amazing teacher at Franklin Academy. They fired him for wanting more of his kids and teaching them to read chapter books. The school only wanted teachers to prepare the kids for “testing”…….. Watch the video and read my letter to the reporter asking for her to do her reporting duty.

Alyssa, I watched a very quick news report where you were listed as author. It aired on November 18 of this year and concerned Franklin Academy, Palm Beach Gardens along with unhappy parents. I am one of the unhappy parents. If I have mistaken the author of this news clip please accept my apology and kindly allow me the opportunity to write to the correct person by responding to me.

If you have children then you should be aware we only want the best for them. FSA rated school’s do not guarantee the best for our students. It is a good, think outside the box, teacher does guarantee good scores. It is my belief that if you have happy learners; the grades will automatically improve. Children will be more willing and eager to conform and trust will be shared between teacher/student allowing them to know their teacher has their best interest at heart. There is a difference in standards for teachers – some simply want to do what they are told and collect pay; others want to do what is best and what they find works for their students. I know this is hard to believe but kids are not robots – they are different from one another (not only in looks but also in behavior and learning) and one style of teaching is not for everyone.

Even if you do not have kids, you can look back and remember those teacher (which you can count on one hand) who had a tremendous influence in a positive way on you. It was that teacher that pulled you through when you felt like no one else cared or even thought of you as a person. This is the story taking place at Franklin. It is more than your story reports.

I was saddened to hear that more effort was not given to this story and it appeared you simply needed spaced filled when you chose to add it I felt you had no real concern for the content of the situation. I am aware of the training you receive to be a broadcaster and know that you would not be trusted with valuable air time if not worthy (earned your stripes), so I ask you “what happened to your passion and what brought you to be a reporter in the first place?”

The ironic issue here is that my son was in Mr. Herman’s class. The school fired him for his teaching methods and not working toward FSA training for the success of the school (to get funding). Currently, Mr. Herman’s class is being taught or babysat (more accurately) by fill in people until a suitable replacement is found. This means that the class is still not working towards FSA training. Degrees stand for a lot however; they can never replace a degree in Common Sense.

My son loves Mr. Herman and felt Mr. Herman had his back and wanted him to succeed. Nick has struggled with writing for a long time. In a past school I had a meeting with a teacher and principal regarding his writing and preparation for the “test”. I was told how the teacher watched my son for 40 minutes while he did not write anything. Is that teaching? To me that is trying to have the upper hand and getting angry over a student not conforming to your demands instead of asking the student about the problem. Too much of this happens and goes unseen and yet we wonder why the children of today are so far behind.

This all changed this year. He could barely write a few lines the first day school started and when he did, his stories contained no beginning-middle-end. Through Mr. Herman’s proven method of teaching, my son, was beginning to complete writing assignments far beyond what I have ever seen him do and in only 5 minutes he could knock out a first draft. This is huge for a parent and should be huge to the school the child attends. This shows tremendous progress and also potential. I did not hear anything in your story that displayed Mr. Herman’s proven method. Maybe your never asked him “how he got through to his students” or “what makes him shine in the teaching world”. Did you even know that Mr. Herman comes from the corporate world where he trained employees of huge companies? He flew around the world teaching and was requested for his training abilities. This might be the reason he was able to get through to so many students and at a fast rate. He has abilities far beyond that of classic college; he has experience.

If you took the time to speak a little longer with Mr. Herman he could show you his excel document where he tracks the progress of students. These are not just his students but the students of other teachers as well. This tracking system will show you just how well his students perform, all based on testing given by the school, compared to how they performed last year and how they compare to students in other classes. He was even willing to assist other teachers, who wanted help, learn how to improve their students as well.

My hope is that you take another look at the material given to you, do a little more research on the topic, and then report back via the news on your findings.

Thank you in advance for all the wonderful stories you have given the world, it is through your findings that a light will shine and darkness will be eliminated.