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Coppertone Simply Sheer Sunscreen – all varieties Review

Do you ever wonder how new products make it to store shelves? A lot of money is spent on making sure that a new product is appealing to the consumer. Companies also want people to come back and purchase again and to do this they have consumers try it first.  Today I am trying Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 spray on. That is where I come in. You see, I am a product tester. I only product test for one company but would like to expand that in the future. However; I do complete surveys about products and services for a few companies. I get paid with gift cards, cash, and points for these.

I have tested out cereal, beauty products, shoe inserts, and am currently trying out sunscreen. With summer just around the corner I will be using a lot of sunscreen and this is a perfect product for me to try. Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen Packaging is very appealing. The colors are light give a refreshing vibe.

I received Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen. In the box was a large lotion sunscreen, two spray on sunscreens, and a four smaller travel size sunscreens. I also received coupons that I can share with those interested in trying the product as well and for myself to purchase.

Yesterday I tried the spray on sunscreen. It is protector 50. The sunscreen has a light pleasant scent and sprayed on clear. After about 1 minute it was dry. When I rubbed my arm I couldn’t tell I was wearing sunscreen and thought I had missed a spot so I re-applied it. After rubbing my arm again I still did not feel it. It was then I realized that this sunscreen does not leave a residue. I already like it and I hadn’t even done any yard work yet. Since it covers in a matte finish it could be wore daily under makeup.

I recently bought stepping stone and I had half of them left to put down along the house. I worked for probably a little over one hour and during that time I was not bothered by the sunscreen. I did not feel itchy nor did I feel greasy. As a matter of fact I could not tell I was wearing sunscreen at all.

After my experience with Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 spray on sunscreen I am ready to try the other sunscreen products and see how they compare to this one. I really liked this sunscreen and believe this is the best type for active people.

I am so lucky to be part of bzzagent and get to product test for them.

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Summer Reading Programs

With summer just around the corner, many companies are offering incentives to keep kids reading. My children are part of the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading and the Scholastic Summer Reading programs. Each offer different incentives and this encourages reading.

My daughter has read 7 of the 8 required books by Barnes & Noble. Once she reaches the eighth book she turns in the printout listing the books read at any Barnes & Noble store in return for a free book. I also agreed to purchase her a book of her choice for reading as well.

Scholastic is an online reading program. Each of my children have their own account. With Scholastic Summer Reading, each day they log in and enter the number of minutes they have read. My daughter has read 267 minutes in the last two weeks. Seeing this number change is exciting for her and encourages more reading. Each week when they log their minutes they are entered into a sweepstakes. The past two sweepstakes entries were for book sets. The more reading completed the more prizes unlocked. She has received an offer to read an online book, which she turned down, for logging her minutes. Children can also create an avatar and play games once signed in, making this not just about reading but a place to come and have fun.

These two program are great and offer a way to keep children in school mode. In the past, I would let them have their summers to themselves and only give them work when they were not attending summer camp. I believe this was a disadvantage to them. Their skills declined and it was very hard to get them back into work mode. This year I have decided to change that, with the help of summer reading programs. They will again attend summer camp but each day they will be required to read at least 15 minutes and complete some math. The drive to and from school is a perfect opportunity to read. What else are they doing besides fighting with each other or asking a million questions? After I explained to my children that there is nothing to do while riding in the car and this allows them free time when they get home, they jumped on this and compete as to who will read first. No one wants to be last and maybe not finish before we arrive home, because this would cut into their play time.

Stay tuned for some book reviews with my daughters opinion on books she reads and who she thinks would benefit from reading them.