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Superintendent Of Franklin Academy – What about the kids?

I tried to find information regarding you on the internet without any luck. Are you superintendent of all Palm Beach County School or just Franklin Academy? 
I am one of the the concerned parents. My children have attended Franklin Academy since it opened in Palm Beach Gardens. At that time there were a lot of promises for a bright future with this school. Each year that passes it moves in a different direction and becomes less and less of what seemed to be a great opportunity. I remember sitting in a hotel banquet room filled with parents learning about this school. Dr. Paine was giving speeches along with a variety of others, to include Ms. Bernardo. I also met with Ms. Bernardo in an office space set up before the school ever opened to collect registrations and to give facts about the school. I was so hopeful that this school would be the change I wished for.
My children have been in choice programs in the past and we moved to the Charter School because of art and gender separated classes. I was told the teachers were sent to training to learn the difference in teaching boys and girls and were prepared to help each thrive in this female catered school system. With teachers leaving so fast I have my doubts that the new ones are training according to the promise. Also, art is not the way it was promised; where is the pottery and more. My son is a wonderful artist and I was hoping this school would help him perfect this skill. 
Not long after starting Dr. Paine left. This caused me to wonder why, but I continued to have faith in the school and thought a board of educated adults with well paid jobs would look out for the best interest of my children. I believed they wanted more from the school system that I had grown to distrust and that they would push for better education since they themselves had a better education.
At that time Ms. Bernardo was filling in while the school looked for a qualified (educated and someone interested in the kids as well) replacement. This went on for months and I started to feel deflated with their efforts. Teachers can be found in a day so why was it taking so long to find a principal? Was it because there was a hidden agenda all along, and Ms. Bernardo was the trophy they selected?  What makes her qualified to care for our students? She is nothing like Dr. Paine was. Dr. Paine was always in car line talking to the kids. She always made time to converse or give encouragement and the kids learned they could trust and count on her. The kids learned about respect and caring from her. She seems to play fair with the staff and maybe that was the problem, she was too good for Franklin. Maybe she would not be the puppet necessary to run the school like a communist country where no one has freedom of speech and when they speak out they are reprimanded by firing.
Many of the fine teachers have left this school. This leads me to question why? as it should lead you to do the same. This was just the straw that broke the camels back with Mr. Herman, which you know this email refers to but you choose not to speak his name as if it were a curse word. Honesty is the best policy and maybe your email should have just addressed the real issue parents are upset about, if you even know it. I guess that would depend on where your data is coming from, if it is administration then you are getting their side.
Mr. Cramer left the first day of school, this year. He was an awesome teacher and had values which are important to teaching a child to be humans. Mr. Georgia left the school (and in my eyes and many of the kids and parents) should have been the replacement principal for Franklin. My guess is that he did not feel valued but rather bullied by this school and chose to take his talents elsewhere. Franklin has dug a hole that will not soon recover by playing in the dark instead of the light. And now with the release of Mr. Herman, who was an excellent teacher. He may not have followed all the rules but his teachings got the kids the push they needed to do it on their own. They grew confidence in their abilities and they learned how to write effectively. They learned the basics of writing that others failed to teach them – teachers that were paid to teach and simply gave up on inspiring students due to the pressure to conform with administration, not only at this school but others around the county. He kept of chart of how well his students did and improved and was willing to help any other teacher out that wished to be great and remember the reason they decided to be a teacher in the first place – To Teach. His methods were proven.
I find no regard for those who love to put their thumb upon free thinkers. In Outwitting the Devil, a Napoleon Hill book, it speaks of these teachers and staff who want children to be robots and take orders. They work for the Devil. And it also speaks of those teachers who teach outside the box, get through to the students, and make a huge impression on their lives. In the end – which type of teacher would you want to teach your children, no need to answer as I know the answer. And that answer should be the same for mine.
In my eyes Franklin Academy has tarnished it name by allowing such events to transpire on its soil. It has let the parents down by lying to our faces that very first day and telling us that the teacher would trained to handle both boys and girls and that the classes for boys would be handled differently to assist in their learning. It has let us down by not overseeing and evaluating teachers to successfully teach our children  (getting rid of the good free thinkers that are showing proof of child improvement, vs keeping teachers that follow a structure of never giving in and only reciting the material in the book and not encouraging our kids to ask questions).
Just in case you are unaware, I am dealing with a Science teacher at Franklin who prefers her girls class to her boys class. She has written on her board that her 5th period class is her favorite. Even though she has lied to me about writing this, I have proof. She teaches from the book as Franklin has instructed her to do however; at the end of the lessons there are experiments that are suggested by the book to assist the kids in remembering the material and also something the boys class would love to do, but she has told me “why would we do experiments? that is for elementary school”. Then I ask you, why are they in a book for middle school if they are expected to be preformed for a much younger childl? She also is unaware of brain breaks (something I first heard of at Franklin Academy) and something that is supposed to be incorporated in the boys classes to give them time get back in work mode. She gives more detentions than any other teacher and just recently my son was in trouble for raising his hand too much. I specifically told him to do this because he was in trouble for just getting out of his seat and not showing regard for the teacher but now that he does what I consider correct behavior he is in trouble still.
I know your letter was probably just to pacify us until someone can figure out what the next step is but since you wrote to me, I find it my duty to inform you of happening on campus. I have more to share with you but think this is enough to start the ball rolling, if in fact, you have any concern for my child and the other children that attend the Garden’s Campus, as you stated you do.