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Sexy In Sequins, Loreal, 3.5 stars Review

I just bought Sexy In Sequins Polish, is it worth your $6.00?

Loreal bottle

The bottle caught my eye with its gold top and gold writing on the glass bottle. The square shaped bottle of polish filters the light making the polish inside sparkle like diamonds. Not just ordinary diamonds but diamonds of multiple colors with a base of purple.

I just couldn’t resist the urge to purchase it. I searched around for a coupon in my purse but since I am not a regular customer of LOREAL I didn’t have any. The price was just under $6.00, cheaper than the other brands I generally buy (OPI and ESSIE), so I decided to give it a try.

When I opened the bottle  of “Sexy In Sequins” the color was a little different than when looking through the glass bottle. The purple was darker, almost a black, and was clumpy. The polish on the applicator brush just sat there without dripping. At this point I could not see any sparkle but decided to continue and apply it. LOREAL manufactures a variety of beautiful colors that apply smoothly and radiate but this color was different than most.

I applied one coat. The first coat covered completely without any of my nail showing through. It dries very quickly, even before I was able to start the second coat. I applied a second coat. I still saw no hint of glimmer and my nails were very bumpy from all the sparkles in the polish.

I thought of taking off the polish, but since I was already started just proceeded with top coat. I always use Out The Door top coat. It dries super-fast and leaves a high shine without yellowing over time. Out The Door can be purchased as CVS or Online for around $5.00 for the 1/2oz size.

I applied 5 coats of top coat to this polish just to get a shine on my nails and to get the bumps evened out. I didn’t think the color was that great and it definitely did not represent the color when looking at the bottle however; I did receive compliments on it.

I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5. The reason for this score is the polish does not look like it does in the bottle, it is clumpy when applied and leaves a bumpy finish. Also, the fact that 5 coats of topcoat had to be applied just to get a shine. The only pro to this polish is the fact that I received compliments on it.

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