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Mypoints and reward cards

When looking for a way to save money on everyday purchases with online sales and earn freebies in the process, Mypoints is it! Membership is free.

They offer a variety of ways to earn rewards. Joining takes a few minutes.  They ask a variety of questions. These questions help Mypoints to see what your interest are and what types of shopping you generally do. Each set of questions they ask will give you points towards your rewards. Some of the categories of questions are past travel, family, etc.
I have been a member for over 5 years now. I have earned a variety of gift cards, some of which I have given as gifts to others. Rewards consists of restaurant, stores, gas, hotel, airlines miles, and many more. They also allow rewards to be transferred into a charitable donation.
Online shopping?..The ways to earn points are tremendous. For starters points are earned just for joining. When all the start-up questions are answered members can earn 60 points. They also offer points for shopping online. This is very easy to do. Members simply log into their account and search for the store of interest. There is also a search feature to help locate products. Members can also receive rewards for booking travel.
Printable Coupons?..Local grocery coupons are available to print. Members are asked their zip code and coupons load for the local area. Simply check the box on the coupons wanted and when finished simply select print. The coupons will appear on your printer for you to cut apart and redeem. Each coupon will save you money at the grocery store. Members will also earn 10 points for each one redeemed. Additional points are earned when more than 10 coupons are used during a one month period.
Bonus Mail?..Mypoints offers members a chance to earn points for opening email. Members can decide how much mail they want to receive. Each email is worth 5 points. Many of them contain specials online retailers are having and when members click through to the retailer and make a purchase additional points are earned.
Fill Out Surveys?..Another way to earn points is by completing surveys. These surveys help create changes in the shopping experience for the consumer. They are also used to see what products consumers like and dislike and companies use information gathered from surveys to influence what items remain on the shelves and which are discontinued. Surveys pay 10 points for attempting to qualify and the points vary on qualified surveys. Qualified surveys can range from 50 points up to 200 points.
Play Games?.Mypoints offers a game section on their website. Here, members can log into play games and earn points. They offer all the latest games.
Free Trials?Within the Mypoints website is a section for free trials. Points range from 50 points to over 2,000 for each trial.

Start your Mypoints account today, join for free.

Welcome To My Home, I Am So Glad You Stopped By

Hi, my name is Vicki

Here are a few things about me;

Yes, my name is really Vicki. Many people think it is short for Victoria but it isn’t. My mom wanted to name me after my grandmother whose middle name was Victoria, but thought everyone would shorten it to Vicki therefore; she just named me Vicki to avoid all of that. Funny thing is, people call me Victoria. I just answer to it because it is easier than telling them it isn’t my name.

I am a native Floridian. Yep, I was born in West Palm Beach and still reside locally. Do you know where we vacation? Get this. We travel north where the snow is to vacation. That is really funny when you think about it. People from up north travel to the sunshine and I travel to the snow. For the past three or so years we have visited New Hampshire to ski. I am not an avid skier and it takes me a long time to make it down the mountain. I see my son pass by twice before I get to the bottom.

Another interesting fact about me is I love saving and making money. Saving money is really making money because if I don’t spend then I am accumulating it. I am a member of several reward programs that pay me to buy stuff. That is a crazy thought isn’t it. Here is a true story about how I saved hundreds of dollars when buying a swingset. First of all, have you noticed that swingsets are not cheap. When I was a kid we had the metal ones. Do you remember those? It would be boiling hot and you wanted to play outside. Steam was waving off the slide but it was so inviting. I remember leaning back to make sure I would not have my leg touch the slide as I slid down. I didn’t want to get burned but the thought  of how fun the slide was outweighed the possibility of me getting burned. I never though to get a towel and use it to slide on.

Well, metal swingsets are a thing of the past. Now they are made of hard plastic or wood. I found a plastic one with powered coated metal legs to keep it from rusting. I finally narrowed the search down to one swingset I wanted to buy. It was over $1500.00. Yes, you read that correct. How did a swingset soar to such a high price? This is nothing special either. It had a slide that was attached to a platform for the kids to stand on. I guess it resembles a treestand. There were also one swing and a tire swing on it. That is it. Just a basic swing set.

I searched the internet for the swing set I wanted and found a few stores carried it. Guess where I found it? Overstock. I found it there by accident. I didn’t even know that overstock sold swing sets. Overstock was listed on a reward site I use and they offered me, I believe, 5% back for buying it. Not too bad since I planned on getting it anyway. I also had a credit card that offered 5% if I shopped at a store listed on the reward page. Well, this is looking even better now. This was almost too good to be true. Almost. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the best part to tell you. Overstock was giving me the swing set with free shipping. Yes, this was the only store offering it for free shipping. This was a $149 savings. This swing set that started at $1500 was starting to look very good to me.  The final savings I got was Overstock has a club, for $19.99 a year I could get 10% off all purchases. The savings on this swing set was worth more than the $19.99 the club cost me so I joined. I saved several hundred dollars buying this swing set for the kids. They still use it today and we have had it for a few years now. I could tell you more ways I save but this was a very big savings and I really wanted to share that with you.

Find out more about me as you read my articles. I love to interact so drop me a message. I do read each one and would love to hear from you. Oh, one last thing you might want to know about me. I started my own business where I can now work my own hours and spend more time (sometimes quality, sometimes not so much) with my family.

Welcome again to my home. I am so glad we got a chance to find each other.