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Bic XTRA Fun Stripe #2 Pencils Review

Bic XtraFun Pencils Review

As part of product testing I was given an opportunity to test out the new Bic XtraFun Stripes Pencils. When the box arrived the kids were so excited to see what we were testing out this time. Upon opening the box we were greeted with an array of beautiful colors (like skittles). We found a 10-pack of pencils (more than the average designer pencil packages contain.

Opening the package each kids picked their favorite color; my son chose blue and my daughter picked pink. We noted how smooth the pencils were, right away. Some regular yellow pencils are rough and can cause splinters but I could not find a rough spot on them. The next thing I noticed was the barrel of each pencil matches the pencil color. I wondered if I sharpened the pencil “would this color stay on the pencil or sharpen away”, so I tried it. I sharpened the purple pencil, since I chose that one for myself, and after using the electric sharpener on it the purple color on the barrel was still there. The pencil sharpened rather easily and again, just like the pencil itself, the barrel was completely smooth. The pencil sharpened to a fine point too.


They come in a rainbow of colors. Note:  the barrels are matching.

They come in a rainbow of colors. Note: the barrels are matching.


The package states they resist breaking and are ultra-strong. I haven’t observed this yet but I can tell you they are light weight and made in France. I am not sure if I have had a pencil made in France before. When I think of that country I think of higher end items. These pencils are well made and seem to be high end.



bicxtrafunpencilsIf you, or your kids are wanting something different so they can stand out this school year or maybe you just need them interested in doing summer practice these pencils can help with that. They are super cute and come in a variety of colors for both boys and girls. They are lightweight, which I believe my kids will enjoy as they write more when school starts, since they get hand cramps from writing continuously and last they seem to be a pencil that will hold up better than the standard ones. Oh, and they are #2 and approved for test taking, which most is done on the computers now anyway.