Suja All Natural No Preservative Juices Review

Recently I was given a chance to try a new product. Being a member of bzzagent allows me to find out about new products and get a chance to try them in return for my opinions.

This week I headed to my local retailer, Publix to find Suja Juices. All I knew at the time was they were all natural veggies and fruits straight from the ground. I wasn’t sure where to find them and decided to check out the cold section. Yep, that is where they were, right next to the orange juice.

Publix has a selection of 5 or 6 different variety to choose from. With my apple juice intolerance I was limited to which juices I could try. I choose the greens and the mango variety.

Out of the ones I tasted I would recommend the Mango Magic. This juice contains pineapple, orange, banana and ginger. The base is definitely mango and they add no sweeteners to the mix. When drinking Suja Essentials it is like drinking the fruit straight. There are no preservatives so they have a short life span, check the expiration date, they only last a few weeks.

For the price of $3.00 each you get a 12 oz bottle of straight goodness, if you can handle it. The only flavor added to the greens was peppermint and spearmint but that was not enough for me to finish the bottle. I could only intake a few sips even though I knew it was good for me. The mango was not as bitter but also did not have any sweetness to it. I might have liked it better if there was a little honey added.

My opinion is both have a great health benefit and for the price they are definitely cheaper than a juicer and all the items it would take to make the drink. The taste could use some doctoring up though. The greens were bitter while the fruit was just bland. If you want something just for the health benefit this is for you. If you want something super tasting bypass this product. Oh, and the consistency is very good, it goes down like water after you shake it for a min or two.



Posted by Vicki Brown in Product Reviews