See How I Got Paid Over $5,000 To Shop

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to take a minute and share a savings tip. You may have heard about it from me before but it is so important that I want to share it again.

The reason I chose right now to contact you is because I just checked my inbox and I received another request asking me if I knew anyone who could benefit and who I could help out. Well, I thought of you. Don’t act so surprised??I think of you often.

I know you are saying, come on Vicki, just get to the point. I am trying to get your attention first?.I don’t want just half your brain? I want all of it.

Are you there?

Ok, well I’ve made over $5,000 so far with this FREE Program?Yes, I said FREE. Now, get that skeptical look off your face. This is what I do best?..find freebies and great savings. I love sharing what I know and you will learn that when I tell you something ~ it can always be verified. I am honest and truthful.

I don’t preach what I can’t back up.

Take a look at this screen shot of my account. Yes, this is my actual account.

Here we go??I am a member, a free member, of this program that pays me to buy groceries, shop online, and dine out. I know you are still wearing that face of disbelief. Keep listening though. It is run by Sallie Mae and here is how it works.

You sign up for a free account. No strings attached, I promise you. You register your grocery cards. I know you are saying my store doesn’t have a grocery card. That may not be true. I shop at Publix and they don’t have a grocery card however; they have a special shopping card for those of us in this program. Yes, they participate. If a major grocery store participates it can’t be a scam. See I told you, you will learn to trust me.

OK, so sign up here?..I will make a video helping you to locate which grocery stores is part of the program and show you how to register your grocery cards. You can always shoot me an email with any question you may have. I am very familiar with everything about this program. I have been doing this for years.

The next way to make money from this FREE program is to shop online. Yes, shopping online is a very easy way to make easy money. You simple type in the store you want to shop at in the search field on this site and you will connect to it directly. When you make a purchase using any form of payment the store accepts you will earn a percentage into your new FREE account, you just made. If you haven’t signed up yet, lets get going?everything I am telling you won’t make sense if you don’t have an account to see it for yourself. I told you I have made over $5,000 here. Oh, I forget to mention, all the money I made was tax free. Yes, because it is considered rebates.

Sign up NOW, click here.

Many restaurants are also part of the program. Eating at one of thousands of restaurants in the network allows you to earn money back. You can earn up to 8% of your bill, to include tax and tip, back into your account just for eating at one of the participating restaurants. It is that easy. The restaurants listed also include which days they provide money back, a menu to look at, reviews by other members, and directions.

This is a one stop program.

I use this program to save for my children and help them save for their future. However, you may use it for yourself or anyone else you chose to. There are several options for investing your earnings; you can select a check, invest in a 529 account, or pay off student loans. I chose the first option.

For more about saving for your children’ future or that of another family member check out “Best Ways to Save for College~My Childrens Future“.



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