Sally’s Beauty Supply Beauty Club, worth it or not?

I renew my Sally’s Beauty Supply Beauty Club each year however; this year I decided to skip the renewal. I decided that there really wasn’t that much I purchase there. That was before they mailed out the flyer giving me extra savings.

My renewal is due in May. The end of May a flyer appeared in my mailbox with the standard sales inside. On the back was a coupon stating if I renewed I would get a free nail polish. This same coupon gave me an extra 15% off my purchase. I really didn’t plan on buying anything except the renewal and didn’t give it much thought.

Here is what happened next. I was charged only half price for the renewal, not sure why but I wasn’t questioning ¬†deal like this, and I only paid $2.50 instead of $5.00 the standard rate. I also received the free polish. I picked a really cute glitter polish in red,white, and blue that I plan on using for 4th of July nail art. I also flipped through the flyer to discover that Orly (one of my favorite brands) was on sale for buy one get one free. I know a good deal when I see it and found two colors I really liked. In addition to all this I received 15% off my entire purchase.

Find great deals at Sally’s Beauty Supply and get the Sally’s Beauty Supply Beauty Club card, it will give you freebies and save on each purchase you make. Remember, it is $5 and they give you a free $5 coupon to use when you spend $5 or more, making it free. ¬†Check out more nail art designs here.


I started with a light purple base and added Essie "wicked" polish for accent.

I started with a light purple base and added Essie “wicked” polish for accent.


Paint the corner of your nail with “wicked” and let it dry. Add another line leaving a space in-between so the base color shows through. If you don’t feel confident free handing it simply use a piece of scotch tape on the nail and paint one wide stripe. Paint over the tape, then remove it, this is make the same pattern.











The total came to $7.95 with tax. That price was for 3 bottles of polish and the beauty club renewal. The beauty club renewal also gives me a $5 coupon when I spend $5, making this good for a free item.

Posted by Vicki Brown in Coupons and Rebates