Raising Baby Kittens

I had my first experience raising baby kittens this year. I was never really a cat person until one day 14 years ago, a kitten showed up in my yard during a rain storm. My husband and I decided to keep her. We named her Alli. She is the only cat I have ever had or dealt with until this year when I became the mom to Joli and Molli, each 2 weeks of age.

This is Joli. After drinking the bottle she fell asleep with her mouth open.

This is Joli. After drinking the bottle she fell asleep with her mouth open.

How this all got started is somewhat of a mystery. I had mentioned to my mom that Nick and Mira (my human children) wanted a kitten and my husband was on board with it as well. We stopped at the vet’s office to pick up a prescription for our dog, Jacki, when Mira and I noticed kittens in cages. We walked over and started petting them through the bars. We took pictures of one kitten and sent it to Brian to see. He started asking questions and determined that this kitten was almost out of the kitten stage and that we could not have it. Mira was very upset but I told her we would find something else. Months later my mom told me about stray kittens in her neighborhood.

One evening my mom called to ask me if I wanted to come and take a look at some kittens that a stray Calico had just delivered. They might be a few weeks old she said. Brian and I were interested in seeing them and drove over. The Calico cat, probably no more than 1 year of age, had a litter of 7 babies. She was keeping them in a tree until she felt safe enough to bring them down. She brought them to a neighbors house where the mother could rest and get meals. The neighbor is seasonal and was planning to leave for Ohio where she spends the summers. With this being the case, there would be no one to look after them. It was decided that the kittens and their mother would be taken to a shelter.

mira reading

We planned on only getting one kitten but after seeing them and both my children wanting one of their own, we ended up with two. Joli was the runt of the litter. She seemed to be pushed away when the bigger and stronger kittens wanted to be close to their mother. She is beautiful. She is a calico just like her mother and the only calico baby born. I just love her. Her eyes are a charcoal blue/gray combination.  Molli, on the other hand is larger and more bold in attitude. She is blonde/orange with stripes like a tiger on her. She had crystal blue eyes that look like the sky.

Raising Baby Kittens takes alot of love and patience. When we brought the kittens home we realized they did not know how to eat yet and did not know how to use the bathroom yet. We became true Cat Parents at that point. For more on my journey “How To Raise Baby Kittens 2 weeks of age through 5 weeks of age, click here.¬†

Watch more videos of the kittens here.




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