Puzzle Nails – Step by Step

Nail art is fun to do and creating designs like no other is even more fun. I have a simple way to do Puzzle Nails mixed with dots to create a new design. Take inspiration from here and create something else unique to your tastes.


1) Needed are; two different polishes. I used Milani Black Magic and Orly French Tip Ponte Blanche White.

2) Dotting Tools – different sizes are great to have. If you don’t have any today use a toothpick, pencil lead, etc.

3) Tape – I use scotch tape.


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Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed

Paint your nails (color of your choice, I picked black). Let them dry. Tear off a small piece of scotch tape. You will be applying it to one quarter of your nail just like the picture below.



Now take a second piece of tape and apply it to the opposite quarter of your nail just like the picture above. Press it down to make sure the next color polish you apply will not seep under it. After your tape is in place, apply the second color you chose (I used white) over the nail that is not taped. *Don’t worry if you get it on the tape – we will be removing the tape anyway.


As you remove the tape you will start to see a checkerboard design. See that isn’t too hard, is it? When you completely remove the tape we will then need the dotting tool.



I put nail polish on a piece of paper so I can easily use the dotter, it is too difficult to put it in the polish bottle. Put a little of the two different colors on a piece of paper. Dip your dotter into one color and apply it to the opposite color touching the corner of the same color. Ex. Dip in black  and make a dot on the white section of your nails touching the black. Repeat this four times. This makes the puzzle design.

I chose to only do two nails on each hand in puzzle design and make a different pattern on the rest, see below.


To continue with the pattern I made simple get three different dotting tools in different sizes. Start with the largest size and put a dot on the corner of your nail. Use the next size down and make a dot on both sides of the one you just made. Continue this one more time with the three smallest dotting tool. This creates the pattern you see above.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, please share this page with others and lets make the world beautiful one nail at a time…..thank you, Vicki




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