Pizza Lover Review Red Baron Brick Oven Pepperoni

I love product testing and this month I was given a chance to product pizza. Who says no to pizza? I love pizza along with probably 3/4 of the world does. 

My  daughter and I stopped by Publix, our local grocery store, to pick up a Red Baron Oven Brick, perfect crust pizza. The have several different ones however; the store only had three to choose from; extra cheese, regular cheese, or pepperoni. The pepperoni caught my eye even though not everyone in my family likes pepperoni. I picked it over cheese.

The price was $5.15 which was cheaper than the other pizza brands around it making it a good deal to start with. Note; the price was the same no matter what toppings or lack of topping you chose.

We got home  I moved the pepperoni to one half of the pizza, then added mushrooms to the other half.  In only just 16 minutes the pizza was golden brown. I re-heated some other pizza to go along with it in case my family did not like the taste.  Both of my children received one slice of Red Baron pizza and one slice of leftover pizza on their plates. Upon finishing they both wanted another slice of the Red Baron.

The sauce was not overbearing in the least and the flavor of the crust was like eating fresh baked bread. Even with relocating the pepperoni’s to one half of the pizza it still remained non greasy. I would easily give it a rating of 8 out of 10. The pizza could have been slightly larger in size to fill a family of four, which I have and for this reason I did not rate it a 10.

Chef Vicki, delivering the pizza from the oven to the plate.

Chef Vicki, delivering the pizza from the oven to the plate.

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