Orly “Melt Your Popsicle” Summer Nails

I recently came across Orly’s new polish “Melt Your Popsicle”. It is a high intensity orange color making it perfect for summer nails. The color is so bright it is almost florescent.

I wanted something different that what everyone else gets and decided to buy and use this color. What I did was also purchase nail tape. It is similar to scotch tape only ultra skinny, making it good to apply to nails. Some people use it as nail art and leave it on their nails. I chose to use it to make a hand painted nail design.

Here is what I did. First I applied a white polish to my nails. Make sure the white polish is completely dry before proceeding. Then I used the tape and marked a pattern. Use a piece of tape longer than your nail so you can easily grip and pull it later. I chose an “X” pattern however; you can pick any pattern you want. Make sure the tape is secure so that polish will not penetrate under it.

Next, apply the orange color over your white painted nails and the tape. Remember, we only want the tape for a painted design, we will not be leaving it on our nails. This color is somewhat thin and you will need probably 3 coats to cover the white. Cover it completely. Make sure no white is showing. Blow on the nails a few times and then start to pull the tape off your nail. Keep the tape low and close to the nail as you pull it. Also pull it at an angle so you follow the tape pattern. This helps to keep the orange polish in place.

What you see now is a white line where the tape is removed. That is the first polish you applied. Cool, isn’t it. When you remove both pieces of tape you will reveal an “X” pattern. This will be your final look, If you want to apply a thin coat of glitter or just put a top coat over the entire nail.

This is the finished design we just made. It is fun for summer and unique to you.

This is the finished design we just made. It is fun for summer and unique to you.

You just did your own nail art, that was fun. More easy nail designs can be found on my Facebook Page.

Posted by Vicki Brown in Nail Art