Is SwagBucks different than other reward programs? Review by Vicki.

A site was recommended to me. It is another reward program similar to the ones I already use. I completely believe in having multiple reward programs. You just never know if one offers something the other may not. This is the case with the new program.

While browsing around I found a section called Watch. Here, I can watch videos on recipes, music, interviews with celebrities, and movie trailers. This is all stuff I do anyway, why not earn bucks for it. Who doesn’t like to know what a movie is about before seeing it?, no one that I know of. Watch trailers here and earn bucks for it. Also, I know there are a lot of people, including myself, who like to try out new recipes. Just like watching the cooking shows, you can watch food prepared and earn bucks for it.

Some of the similarities to my current programs are the shopping, games, and printable coupons features. Remember though that each reward program offers different stores and different coupons, so both are great to have.

The most important thing to do when you sign up is to complete your profile. This tells reward companies what you might be interested in and they can base what they offer you on this. Plus, when you fill out the profile section you earn points. These are easy points. All you are provided is information you already know, your likes and dislikes, maybe a profile picture, etc.

As always, joining is free, sign up here.


The bucks you earn are redeemable for donations to charity, entry into exclusive sweepstakes, tangible items from their store, or gift cards to your favorite restaurants, clothing stores and gas stations.

I rate this website and program a 4 out of 5. I think the site could be a little less busy but with that said, they offer a valuable experience for super savers. The site offers savings and entertainment that will keep you coming back to discover what else they offer. Joining is easy and free, simply click here to join.

Posted by Vicki Brown in Ways I Save