Is It Always A Good Deal?

Well, what is a Good Deal Anyway? It is hard to determine “is it always a good deal” when you aren’t aware of what a good deal is made of.

Many times I hear people tell me what they bought and how much they saved. I am all for saving and getting the best deal and I love to hear their experiences. I listen intently and at the end of the conversation I usually have questions, some of them are ” why did you buy that”, “do you have a yard to rake?” and so on. The reason for my confusion when listening to great saving trips is that people seem to get into the spirit of buying. Yes, they don’t buy items because they need them or buy them thinking of someone who may need them, but rather because of the deal they came across.

My question to you is, “Is It Always A Good Deal?”.

I believe a good deal is finding an awesome price on an item you need. An item you need is one that you plan on purchasing whether it is on sale or not. Finding it for less than retail makes it a good deal. There are exception to my theory and they are as follows; if the item is one you have wanted for awhile and would only consider buying it if it were on sale then finding it on sale makes it an awesome deal as well.

In my eyes, people who buy just to buy and then explain what a great deal they received are actually losing. Buying items you have no need for (using or donating) making them useless. The money spent on useless items will never be seen again and now you are less the money spent.

Now that we are clear on what makes up a good deal I will share this weeks deal with you. I buy cat litter. I used to purchase it for one cat but now I have one cat and two kittens and need more of it. The price is $7.79 at my local grocery store. If I find litter on sale I will stock up on it even if I haven’t used what I currently bought. At Walgreens, a place I would never think to shop for litter, the brand I buy was on sale with a Walgreens coupon, making the price $4.99. This is a good deal since it is something I would pay $7.79 for in a few weeks time. While planning my Walgreens trip I decided to see what else they had on sale that I could use. This is what I ended up finding;

The Sunday Flyer showed lunch meat that I purchase on sale. The price was 2/$5 and I had a coupon for $1 off. Banana Boat Sunscreen was buy one get one free, and with my $2 coupon this was also a good deal. Both items are part of my typical shopping list and with summer coming I was in need of sunscreen for my children.


Finding a good deal doesn’t have to be getting it for free. A savings of just $5 is a good deal and that extra $5 can be applied toward something else you desire. But a good deal is buying something that you need,desire,or could give to someone else in need. ┬áPlease ask yourself “Is It Always A Good Deal?” when it is on sale.

walgreens receipt

This receipt shows I spent $22.26 and saved $25.27. I consider this to be an awesome deal. Whenever you save more than you spend it is Awesome.
















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