Interesting Facts About Blood Types

Which Blood Type Are You?

I found some interesting facts about blood types recently. I am 0-, the universal donor for emergencies. However, my dilemma is that I can only receive my blood type. Being the universal donor had me thinking that 0 people could save the world until I realized exactly what a universal donor really is.

Being a universal donor does not mean you can just give your blood to anyone, but rather in an emergency you are able to give blood to other people with different blood types because you have no antigens on the surface of the blood. It is for this reason that my blood type is used during emergencies when a persons blood type is unknown and typing it would take too long.

I am also Rh-negative. That means I don’t have a certain protein (D antigen) on the surface of my red blood cells. Caucasians make up the highest group of people who are Rh-negative. It is not good or bad but merely further defines the blood type. It can be a problem when getting pregnant. This was the case with my second child who is Rh-positive. My body would attack her and possibly kill her before birth if steps were not taken to correct this. I was given a shot.

It is scientifically speculated that A blood type was first. Through mutations we developed other blood types. These mutations were devised to help us survive. Think about this;  If we started with type A and where we lived a lot of people caught malaria, they would start dying. To prevent our species from phasing out, a mutation happened and developed a new blood type that would help us ward off malaria. This new blood type was 0. The 0 blood type is missing the protein that malaria needs to bind to a human. You can still get malaria however; it can’t stay in the systems of (0) people giving them a higher survival rate. Interesting, isn’t it. I don’t want to test that theory out though.




As these mutations developed blood type A produced blood types 0 and B.  It is believed in Japanese culture that a person’s blood determines his/her personality traits. O-negative persons are believed to be more self-confident, loyal, competent and passionate. They are believed to have leadership qualities and are considered innovators and trend setters. However, there is little scientific evidence in favor of this. Find out more on how the Japanese see blood types.

Did you know we have 32 blood types? I thought there were only a few, boy was I wrong. According to an article in Popular Science from 2012 we now have 32 blood types. Read it for yourself here:

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