Halloween Nail Art Designs ……….Spooky

Halloween, a great time of year for giving and receiving candy and decorating. I live in the country where no one really sees our decorations and I am sad to say we receive no children dressing in costume for trick or treat.

I make up for all I lose during this holiday with nail art. Yes, it is a lot of fun decorating and bringing what I have done everywhere I go. I notice when people comment on my nail art they smile. They seem to enjoy looking at my nails and many stop to inspect each finger and then ask question about the designs.

A lot of people still believe that nail art is a long process or that it is too costly for them. Well, what if I could show you how to do it for yourself? Would you attempt and proudly display your art?

For just pennies per nail you can have beautiful decorations for all to see. You can be festive during the holidays, floral during spring, wintery during the November and December and Celebrate New Year’s via your nails in January.

Here is a Halloween theme I displayed this year.


My Halloween Nails…..See Spooky!


I painted my nails black and orange. You can pick any color to paint your nails, I have even used white in the past during Halloween. Many of the designs on my nails are decals and are sold by the sheet. The sheet contains at least 10 (so you can design all your fingers) and many times 20 or more. For the price you pay this comes out to just pennies per nail. I hand painted the ghost eyes and the friendly vampire (who my daughter named Spooky).  These hand painted designs take less than 5 minutes to paint and if you make a mistake can easily be fixed. No worries. Simply go over the design with more paint or use remover to take it off and start over.

Learn more about this Halloween nail art, Spooky and the ghost eyes here.


Here are some really cute nail decals to create the same look I did.


Step by Step on how to create Spooky the Vampire.

Meet Spooky. With this step by step design it is easy to create cute nail art.

Meet Spooky. With this step by step design it is easy to create cute nail art.


Are you ready for more nail art? Easy to do, yet awesome to look at, step by step nail art can be found here.

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