Free Make-up, Grocery, Household Coupons and Mail-In Rebates

This week I shopped at Walgreens for a few items. Before leaving the house I checked my coupons. I found two vitamin coupons and two for makeup, all of which I was planning to purchase. The coupons I had were ones that I print off the computer. These coupons were worth money off products at any retailer and points when redeemed. The vitamin coupons were each worth $2 off and the makeup coupons were each worth $1 off. I also made money the minute the cashier scanned the coupons.

You see, each coupon I redeem is worth 10 points. The 40 points I earned on this shopping trip will be combined with other points I currently have. When I choose, I can redeem them for a variety of gift cards or donations to charity, my choice. Not long ago I redeemed points for free movie tickets to my local theater. You too can earn points for printing and redeeming coupons. Click here?.for more information about this free service.

In addition to redeeming coupons and earning points, I also make money back another way. I select coupons each month online. I generally choose all available since there are times I buy items that are not on my regular list. When I purchase any I selected online, the coupon value is added in my online account. I also get the coupon discount at the cash register too and earn 10 points for each one used. I can cash out the money in the form of a check, use it to pay down any student loans, transfer it to a 529 account, or add it to a high yield account where money is price matched. All of these programs work together to maximize benefits. To learn more about what I am doing and to start doing it too, get started here.

Besides sharing my coupon secrets, I decided to also share this tidbit of information. Many companies offer consumers free products to try. Finding out which items are available for try me can be difficult. Click here for a bunch of freebies from makeup to cleaning products. I have also included a few rebates on pet food and detergent.


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