CVS Savings “How I went for vitamins and came back with $63.94 in savings”

Went for Vitamins and came back with $63.94 in savings,  CVS Savings


My kids have switched to alive chewable, All Natural vitamins, and they needed more. I decided to swing by CVS to pick them up. I was armed with my coupons and store discounts when I walked through the sliding glass doors. In front of me (almost with a halo on top) was the coupon spitter that would award me more money saving papers. I just couldn’t wait. I disconnected my store discount key chain from my purse and found the CVS card. I scanned it and listened intently for the sound I love to hear, yes, it was the machine printing coupons for me.
Two of the coupons caught my eye. The first was a coupon for $4 off $12 in cosmetics. I hadn’t planned on buying any make-up however; I wasn’t ready to discard it just yet. The other coupon was my extra care earnings for last quarter. I hadn’t planned on this money but I don’t complain when I am given something for free either. I’ll take it.

Directly across from the ticket machine was a shopping cart with a sign reading 75% off. I walked over to peer inside and see what they were offering. To my amazement I found makeup. I picked out 6 items to scan at checkout. (Remember I have a coupon for $4 off too). I also found a pair of croc looking shoes that would fit my daughter in the cart, also marked 75% off.
I then made sure this trip was worth the visit by making sure they had my vitamins in stock. In the back of the store I located them. The price is $16.99 but with the coupons and discounts I had they would be much cheaper. I was willing to pay full price for them but getting them for cheaper is always on my list of goals. Now that I actually had the item I came to purchase I was free to browse. There is nothing like a wasted shopping trip where you walk in wanting something particular but walk out with everything but. No, that is not how I shop.
I found great deals and walked out of there spending $38 and saving $63. Saving more than you spend is always a good feeling.

This Video Reveals How I Did It.

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