Clearance, Never Miss A Chance To Shop It

Clearance, Never miss a chance to shop it. Some of the best deals await discovery on the clearance aisle. Many stores locate these items in the very back hoping you don’t find them. Some stores even move the clearance around throughout the year  to make you travel the regular prices aisles while searching for it.

If you don’t see any clearance, ask where it is. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked an employee where the clearance is. I don’t feel bad about it because many of the items are overpriced anyway and the clearance is probably what I should be paying. Even when I am not technically browsing I stop to glance at clearance and this is why;

The reason for my Walgreens trip was to pick up cold medicine for my daughter. We had medicine at home and it did not seem to be working. The doctor recommended we try another brand since both of the products I was giving her were made by the same company. While hunting for the cold medicine aisle I found a small end-cap with clearance items. There were probably 5 shelves all packed with miscellaneous stuff from folders, makeup, to shampoo, etc. I made a mental note of the location and continued on my search for cold medicine. When I picked up everything I came for I headed back to where I noticed the clearance, where I found an awesome deal.

In a plastic bowl that resembled a fish bowl were ?Yes to Carrots? brand lip balms. None of them had prices and I was going to walk away without asking. Then, I remember I had a coupon for this brand. I located it in my purse. The coupon was for $3 off any $10 purchase of “Yes to Carrots” brand. No particular items was specified.

When I brought the bowl to the makeup checkout counter I was told they were $1 each. I already knew this price was cheaper than the retail price but I didn’t know by how much. I picked out 10 lip balms, all different colors and styles, and set them on the counter. Two of the balms rang up regular price and had to be adjusted. They rang up $5.29 each. The price I paid before coupon was $10 and then I handed the cashier the coupon for $3 off. This coupon was a printed coupon from an online reward company and earned me 10 points. I also saved $3 making the price I paid $7 for 10 lip balms. Now you know why I say Clearance, Never miss a chance to shop it.


I know you are thinking what are you going to do with 10 lip balms? Good question, this is where the deal gets sweet, I plan on adding them to gift baskets for friends and family when holidays come up. I usually jump on deals such as this and store them in the closet then when I have an event or a birthday I bring out everything to see what I have.

Retail for these were $52.90 and My price $7.00 a savings of over 85%.






Posted by Vicki Brown in Coupons and Rebates