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Pinkalicious kids books are a favorite in our house, according to Miranda, a very princess like kindergartner.

My daughter Miranda, age 6, is excited about learning and reading. The books that she chooses to read involve girls doing extraordinary things. Either they save the world, influence society, or just show off their feminine side. Pinkalicious Books are exactly that.

One of the favorite books modeling this concept is Pinkalicious. Pinkalicious wears all pink, a favorite of Miranda’s. I don’t think a color exits in her eyes other than pink or red. A crown is involved and a wand in this book making its cover extra appealing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the cupcake Pinkalicious is holding in her hand. Everything about this cover embraces all princess qualities many girls fancy, to include mine.

Pinkalicious by Miranda Brown

Miranda loves this book so much that we have more than one copy. Just last week her school had free kids books and she came home with another copy. When she showed me the book she received I asked her if she was allowed to select the book or just given a book. She replied ?I chose this book?, whereas my response was ?why??  She proceeded to tell me that no girl could have too many Pinkalicious books. What was a mother to say to this? No reply would have been good enough so I simply smiled.

My daughter is in Kindergarten and can read this book with minimal assistance. It is a little long and my take 20 minutes or maybe more than one sitting to finish, depending on the child. Each page has vivid pictures depicting what the story is stating.

My daughter read Pinkalicious again for the unknowns’ time. This time she decided that if she loves this book so much maybe other girls would too. Maybe girls who have never heard of Pinkalicious would be interested in learning about her and possibly owning a copy of the book too.

 Watch Miranda’s book review for kids (princesses especially, who love pink and red).





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