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Bic XTRA Fun Stripe #2 Pencils Review

Bic XtraFun Pencils Review

As part of product testing I was given an opportunity to test out the new Bic XtraFun Stripes Pencils. When the box arrived the kids were so excited to see what we were testing out this time. Upon opening the box we were greeted with an array of beautiful colors (like skittles). We found a 10-pack of pencils (more than the average designer pencil packages contain.

Opening the package each kids picked their favorite color; my son chose blue and my daughter picked pink. We noted how smooth the pencils were, right away. Some regular yellow pencils are rough and can cause splinters but I could not find a rough spot on them. The next thing I noticed was the barrel of each pencil matches the pencil color. I wondered if I sharpened the pencil “would this color stay on the pencil or sharpen away”, so I tried it. I sharpened the purple pencil, since I chose that one for myself, and after using the electric sharpener on it the purple color on the barrel was still there. The pencil sharpened rather easily and again, just like the pencil itself, the barrel was completely smooth. The pencil sharpened to a fine point too.


They come in a rainbow of colors. Note:  the barrels are matching.

They come in a rainbow of colors. Note: the barrels are matching.


The package states they resist breaking and are ultra-strong. I haven’t observed this yet but I can tell you they are light weight and made in France. I am not sure if I have had a pencil made in France before. When I think of that country I think of higher end items. These pencils are well made and seem to be high end.



bicxtrafunpencilsIf you, or your kids are wanting something different so they can stand out this school year or maybe you just need them interested in doing summer practice these pencils can help with that. They are super cute and come in a variety of colors for both boys and girls. They are lightweight, which I believe my kids will enjoy as they write more when school starts, since they get hand cramps from writing continuously and last they seem to be a pencil that will hold up better than the standard ones. Oh, and they are #2 and approved for test taking, which most is done on the computers now anyway.



Pizza Lover Review Red Baron Brick Oven Pepperoni

I love product testing and this month I was given a chance to product pizza. Who says no to pizza? I love pizza along with probably 3/4 of the world does. 

My  daughter and I stopped by Publix, our local grocery store, to pick up a Red Baron Oven Brick, perfect crust pizza. The have several different ones however; the store only had three to choose from; extra cheese, regular cheese, or pepperoni. The pepperoni caught my eye even though not everyone in my family likes pepperoni. I picked it over cheese.

The price was $5.15 which was cheaper than the other pizza brands around it making it a good deal to start with. Note; the price was the same no matter what toppings or lack of topping you chose.

We got home  I moved the pepperoni to one half of the pizza, then added mushrooms to the other half.  In only just 16 minutes the pizza was golden brown. I re-heated some other pizza to go along with it in case my family did not like the taste.  Both of my children received one slice of Red Baron pizza and one slice of leftover pizza on their plates. Upon finishing they both wanted another slice of the Red Baron.

The sauce was not overbearing in the least and the flavor of the crust was like eating fresh baked bread. Even with relocating the pepperoni’s to one half of the pizza it still remained non greasy. I would easily give it a rating of 8 out of 10. The pizza could have been slightly larger in size to fill a family of four, which I have and for this reason I did not rate it a 10.

Chef Vicki, delivering the pizza from the oven to the plate.

Chef Vicki, delivering the pizza from the oven to the plate.

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Suja All Natural No Preservative Juices Review

Recently I was given a chance to try a new product. Being a member of bzzagent allows me to find out about new products and get a chance to try them in return for my opinions.

This week I headed to my local retailer, Publix to find Suja Juices. All I knew at the time was they were all natural veggies and fruits straight from the ground. I wasn’t sure where to find them and decided to check out the cold section. Yep, that is where they were, right next to the orange juice.

Publix has a selection of 5 or 6 different variety to choose from. With my apple juice intolerance I was limited to which juices I could try. I choose the greens and the mango variety.

Out of the ones I tasted I would recommend the Mango Magic. This juice contains pineapple, orange, banana and ginger. The base is definitely mango and they add no sweeteners to the mix. When drinking Suja Essentials it is like drinking the fruit straight. There are no preservatives so they have a short life span, check the expiration date, they only last a few weeks.

For the price of $3.00 each you get a 12 oz bottle of straight goodness, if you can handle it. The only flavor added to the greens was peppermint and spearmint but that was not enough for me to finish the bottle. I could only intake a few sips even though I knew it was good for me. The mango was not as bitter but also did not have any sweetness to it. I might have liked it better if there was a little honey added.

My opinion is both have a great health benefit and for the price they are definitely cheaper than a juicer and all the items it would take to make the drink. The taste could use some doctoring up though. The greens were bitter while the fruit was just bland. If you want something just for the health benefit this is for you. If you want something super tasting bypass this product. Oh, and the consistency is very good, it goes down like water after you shake it for a min or two.



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DreamWalk by Dr. Scholl’s Review

Recently I had the opportunity to try a new Dr. Scholl’s Product, the Dreamwalk Inserts for high heels.  I have a few pair of high heels that sometimes cause foot pain when I wear them. It seems that the manufacturers never add enough padding to the heels. As I walk throughout the day in them my heels and just under the toes start to hurt. By the end of the day I can’t wait to get out of the heels. I have been looking for something that would improve this condition.

I was given a pair of DreamWalk inserts to try from BzzAgent, who I product test for. What I noticed first about the product was the high bump where the arch sits. Most inserts are completely flat and all they offer is extra padding. These inserts were similar to what a padded shoe would have when you purchase them. There was padding and arch support. The next feature that caught my eye was they are reusable. When I placed them in my heels I didn’t quite get it even and needed to remove it and start over. This was not a problem. The insert did not rip out the foot bed of my heels and I had no problem re-adjusting them.

Now came the time for me to actually wear them. I put my heels on and everything seems to feel good. My arch was supported fine and I couldn’t tell I had inserts on except for the arch support. Where the insert ends and my shoe begins DreamWalk is very thin allowing for an easy transition. If I were to give this product a rating on a scale of 1 to 5, it would get a solid 4.



I thought it did a good job of helping me keep my heels on and not have continuous pain while wearing them. I felt my arch was being massaged while I walked which is a nice improvement. At the end of the day I was still ready to get out of my heels but the pain was a good 40% less than without these inserts.

Each heel is different and maybe some are just more uncomfortable than others are so I recommend each woman try these and decide for themselves if they improve their step. Carlos Santana shoes are not the best at padding and maybe if the heel had padding in addition to using the DreamWalk inserts my story would have ended a little better given this product a 5 star rating.


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Pinkalicious, Book Reviews for Kids

Pinkalicious kids books are a favorite in our house, according to Miranda, a very princess like kindergartner.

My daughter Miranda, age 6, is excited about learning and reading. The books that she chooses to read involve girls doing extraordinary things. Either they save the world, influence society, or just show off their feminine side. Pinkalicious Books are exactly that.

One of the favorite books modeling this concept is Pinkalicious. Pinkalicious wears all pink, a favorite of Miranda’s. I don’t think a color exits in her eyes other than pink or red. A crown is involved and a wand in this book making its cover extra appealing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the cupcake Pinkalicious is holding in her hand. Everything about this cover embraces all princess qualities many girls fancy, to include mine.

Pinkalicious by Miranda Brown

Miranda loves this book so much that we have more than one copy. Just last week her school had free kids books and she came home with another copy. When she showed me the book she received I asked her if she was allowed to select the book or just given a book. She replied ?I chose this book?, whereas my response was ?why??  She proceeded to tell me that no girl could have too many Pinkalicious books. What was a mother to say to this? No reply would have been good enough so I simply smiled.

My daughter is in Kindergarten and can read this book with minimal assistance. It is a little long and my take 20 minutes or maybe more than one sitting to finish, depending on the child. Each page has vivid pictures depicting what the story is stating.

My daughter read Pinkalicious again for the unknowns’ time. This time she decided that if she loves this book so much maybe other girls would too. Maybe girls who have never heard of Pinkalicious would be interested in learning about her and possibly owning a copy of the book too.

 Watch Miranda’s book review for kids (princesses especially, who love pink and red).





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Coppertone Simply Sheer Sunscreen – all varieties Review

Do you ever wonder how new products make it to store shelves? A lot of money is spent on making sure that a new product is appealing to the consumer. Companies also want people to come back and purchase again and to do this they have consumers try it first.  Today I am trying Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 spray on. That is where I come in. You see, I am a product tester. I only product test for one company but would like to expand that in the future. However; I do complete surveys about products and services for a few companies. I get paid with gift cards, cash, and points for these.

I have tested out cereal, beauty products, shoe inserts, and am currently trying out sunscreen. With summer just around the corner I will be using a lot of sunscreen and this is a perfect product for me to try. Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen Packaging is very appealing. The colors are light give a refreshing vibe.

I received Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen. In the box was a large lotion sunscreen, two spray on sunscreens, and a four smaller travel size sunscreens. I also received coupons that I can share with those interested in trying the product as well and for myself to purchase.

Yesterday I tried the spray on sunscreen. It is protector 50. The sunscreen has a light pleasant scent and sprayed on clear. After about 1 minute it was dry. When I rubbed my arm I couldn’t tell I was wearing sunscreen and thought I had missed a spot so I re-applied it. After rubbing my arm again I still did not feel it. It was then I realized that this sunscreen does not leave a residue. I already like it and I hadn’t even done any yard work yet. Since it covers in a matte finish it could be wore daily under makeup.

I recently bought stepping stone and I had half of them left to put down along the house. I worked for probably a little over one hour and during that time I was not bothered by the sunscreen. I did not feel itchy nor did I feel greasy. As a matter of fact I could not tell I was wearing sunscreen at all.

After my experience with Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 spray on sunscreen I am ready to try the other sunscreen products and see how they compare to this one. I really liked this sunscreen and believe this is the best type for active people.

I am so lucky to be part of bzzagent and get to product test for them.

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