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Puzzle Nails – Step by Step

Nail art is fun to do and creating designs like no other is even more fun. I have a simple way to do Puzzle Nails mixed with dots to create a new design. Take inspiration from here and create something else unique to your tastes.


1) Needed are; two different polishes. I used Milani Black Magic and Orly French Tip Ponte Blanche White.

2) Dotting Tools – different sizes are great to have. If you don’t have any today use a toothpick, pencil lead, etc.

3) Tape – I use scotch tape.


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Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed

Paint your nails (color of your choice, I picked black). Let them dry. Tear off a small piece of scotch tape. You will be applying it to one quarter of your nail just like the picture below.



Now take a second piece of tape and apply it to the opposite quarter of your nail just like the picture above. Press it down to make sure the next color polish you apply will not seep under it. After your tape is in place, apply the second color you chose (I used white) over the nail that is not taped. *Don’t worry if you get it on the tape – we will be removing the tape anyway.


As you remove the tape you will start to see a checkerboard design. See that isn’t too hard, is it? When you completely remove the tape we will then need the dotting tool.



I put nail polish on a piece of paper so I can easily use the dotter, it is too difficult to put it in the polish bottle. Put a little of the two different colors on a piece of paper. Dip your dotter into one color and apply it to the opposite color touching the corner of the same color. Ex. Dip in black  and make a dot on the white section of your nails touching the black. Repeat this four times. This makes the puzzle design.

I chose to only do two nails on each hand in puzzle design and make a different pattern on the rest, see below.


To continue with the pattern I made simple get three different dotting tools in different sizes. Start with the largest size and put a dot on the corner of your nail. Use the next size down and make a dot on both sides of the one you just made. Continue this one more time with the three smallest dotting tool. This creates the pattern you see above.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, please share this page with others and lets make the world beautiful one nail at a time…..thank you, Vicki




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Halloween Nail Art Designs ……….Spooky

Halloween, a great time of year for giving and receiving candy and decorating. I live in the country where no one really sees our decorations and I am sad to say we receive no children dressing in costume for trick or treat.

I make up for all I lose during this holiday with nail art. Yes, it is a lot of fun decorating and bringing what I have done everywhere I go. I notice when people comment on my nail art they smile. They seem to enjoy looking at my nails and many stop to inspect each finger and then ask question about the designs.

A lot of people still believe that nail art is a long process or that it is too costly for them. Well, what if I could show you how to do it for yourself? Would you attempt and proudly display your art?

For just pennies per nail you can have beautiful decorations for all to see. You can be festive during the holidays, floral during spring, wintery during the November and December and Celebrate New Year’s via your nails in January.

Here is a Halloween theme I displayed this year.


My Halloween Nails…..See Spooky!


I painted my nails black and orange. You can pick any color to paint your nails, I have even used white in the past during Halloween. Many of the designs on my nails are decals and are sold by the sheet. The sheet contains at least 10 (so you can design all your fingers) and many times 20 or more. For the price you pay this comes out to just pennies per nail. I hand painted the ghost eyes and the friendly vampire (who my daughter named Spooky).  These hand painted designs take less than 5 minutes to paint and if you make a mistake can easily be fixed. No worries. Simply go over the design with more paint or use remover to take it off and start over.

Learn more about this Halloween nail art, Spooky and the ghost eyes here.


Here are some really cute nail decals to create the same look I did.


Step by Step on how to create Spooky the Vampire.

Meet Spooky. With this step by step design it is easy to create cute nail art.

Meet Spooky. With this step by step design it is easy to create cute nail art.


Are you ready for more nail art? Easy to do, yet awesome to look at, step by step nail art can be found here.

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French Manicure Ideas – Black Tip

The french manicure is one of the most popular nail art designs ever created. If you want something a little different check out these french manicure ideas and the black tip.

Just as a moth is attracted to fire, I am attracted to nail polish. As a young girl I had a brown fold out card table in my room that I used as a nail studio. When my mother finally discarded that table is had several colors of polish stained on it, along with nail glue that spilled over the years.

 Most girls were probably still coloring or playing outside with neighborhood kids while I was working on attaching stick on and glue on nails to my own nails. I would practice painting them over and over until I perfected it.

 Thinking back, maybe I missed my calling as a nail artist. I never really painted my friends nails and for this reason I never thought about this as a career. Currently, I have a nail rack, similar to what you see in a salon, mounted on the wall inside my closet. It is completely filled with polish, all different colors and brands. I also have a drawer in my bathroom cabinet that holds the rest of the polish that doesn’t fit on the rack. My other nail art designs are features here Facebook.

I gravitate towards unique and bright colors. Some of my favorite polish comes from ORLY, China Glaze, and OPI. I find their polish last better than other brands and they have beautiful and eye popping colors to choose from. From time to time I do purchase ESSIE however; many of their colors are low key and not wild enough for me.

Recently I painted my nails in a Black Tip French manicure. I know the name sounds  scary or like something for Halloween, but when you take a look at it you will see how truly beautiful it is. I started with a base coat. This gets my nails ready for polish and helps to keep the polish on for 2 weeks and ensures I almost never have any chipping.

This is an elegant version of a french manicure and perfect for dress up.

This is an elegant version of a french manicure and perfect for dress up.

I recommend China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat. Just apply one coat to nails. china-glaze-strong-adhesion-base-coat-5-oz
Wait for it to dry, about 10 minutes before applying color.

For this look I selected OPI DS Glamour. The main color is a purple with hints of rainbow when the light hits it. Two coats will over nicely. Allow this to dry as well. To speed up the drying time I recommend “Out the Door” top coat.






Super Fast Drying Non-yellowing Top Coat

Super Fast Drying Non-yellowing Top Coat

  Even though this top coat is extremely fast drying I allow extra time. When you can touch your nails without feeling any sticky then you can continue with the top color. I chose a high gloss black. It works better if you have a thin brush making the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers polish a perfect fit. 

I free hand the tip but if you are new and want something to assist you, use a piece of scotch tape. Simply put the tape over your nail and press firmly, as we don’t want any polish seeping underneath.  Leave the nail exposed that you want to add black to. You can make a thin or thick line, your choice.  10383665_252514691609437_6909210275717282834_n

Once the tape is secure, simply open the polish and paint. If you paint in a downward stroke towards your nail tip this will help the black from seeping under the tape line. Use two coats of black. Allow this to air dry before applying another layer of top coat. If you use the topcoat too soon you might smear the black over the purple ruining your design. Since you like this French Manicure – Black Tip you  are going to love this.

French Manicure Ideas and summer pink nails. nails1

Watch the French Manicure Black Tip Video Here.

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Orly “Melt Your Popsicle” Summer Nails

I recently came across Orly’s new polish “Melt Your Popsicle”. It is a high intensity orange color making it perfect for summer nails. The color is so bright it is almost florescent.

I wanted something different that what everyone else gets and decided to buy and use this color. What I did was also purchase nail tape. It is similar to scotch tape only ultra skinny, making it good to apply to nails. Some people use it as nail art and leave it on their nails. I chose to use it to make a hand painted nail design.

Here is what I did. First I applied a white polish to my nails. Make sure the white polish is completely dry before proceeding. Then I used the tape and marked a pattern. Use a piece of tape longer than your nail so you can easily grip and pull it later. I chose an “X” pattern however; you can pick any pattern you want. Make sure the tape is secure so that polish will not penetrate under it.

Next, apply the orange color over your white painted nails and the tape. Remember, we only want the tape for a painted design, we will not be leaving it on our nails. This color is somewhat thin and you will need probably 3 coats to cover the white. Cover it completely. Make sure no white is showing. Blow on the nails a few times and then start to pull the tape off your nail. Keep the tape low and close to the nail as you pull it. Also pull it at an angle so you follow the tape pattern. This helps to keep the orange polish in place.

What you see now is a white line where the tape is removed. That is the first polish you applied. Cool, isn’t it. When you remove both pieces of tape you will reveal an “X” pattern. This will be your final look, If you want to apply a thin coat of glitter or just put a top coat over the entire nail.

This is the finished design we just made. It is fun for summer and unique to you.

This is the finished design we just made. It is fun for summer and unique to you.

You just did your own nail art, that was fun. More easy nail designs can be found on my Facebook Page.

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Fade-Out Nails by Easy Nail Art Designs

Fade-Out Nails, a very unique way to polish your nails. You will need 5 different colors of nail polish for this design, a glitter top coat, and some make-up sponges.

I love nail polish and nail art. I have been painting my nails probably since I was 10 years old. I had a card table set up in my room that I used as a nail station. My mom, who still doesn’t wear polish, would buy me polish, glue, and anything else I asked for. One would think this would have been my calling in life however; I don’t do this as a job, I only paint my own nails and my daughters. I love to share my Easy Nail Art Designs with others and encourage you to do your own nails too.

This past week I decided to try a new design. I would label it as Fade-Out Nails. I painted each nail a different color. Then used those same colors to sponge on color at the bottom fading it out. The design is really cool and looks very expensive. If you paid a salon to do this it might cost $5 a nail or more.

Many of the polishes I buy from Sally’s Beauty and they can be purchased online. If you sign up for their reward card, which cost $5, you will receive $5 off a purchase and earn a free gift ? making this reward card basically free.  They are having several freebies for this month with purchases.


These are the polishes I used. They are Sally's Brand, Opi, and China Glaze. I always use a quick dry top coat that dries to the touch in about 1 minute.

These are the polishes I used. They are Sally’s Brand, Opi, and China Glaze. I always use a quick dry top coat that dries to the touch in about 1 minute.


Fade-Out Plain Nails 

My nails with single layer polish and before my designs.

  This is my nails after painting each one a different color. I could have left them just like this and it would have been cute, however: I wanted something more dramatic and decided to do Fade-Out Nails. Try to pick colors that are similar. As you notice these colors are all summer colors and look good together.






Fade-Out Nails by Easy Nail Art Designs

My nails after Fade-Out

Here is the finished product. What do you think? Would you like your nails to look like this? If so watch the video on my Facebook Page to see how it is done. Also, check out my other designs with step by step instructions. 





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Check out my facebook page for more designs with pictures and videos on how to do them yourself. 



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