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Coupons you can’t live without

Coupons, we can’t live without them. Over 90% of people use coupons and 60% of those coupons redeemed are printable ones. The Coca-Cola Company was believed to be the first company to issue the first coupon. This coupon (called a ticket back then) was valid for a free glass of Coca-Cola and distributed in 1888 to help promote the drink.

The first know coupon (called a ticket) from  1888.

The first known coupon (called a ticket) from 1888.






Travel forward to today and coupons are everywhere. More and more people are seeing the benefits of using them and have even started receiving coupons via cell phone. Digital coupons are taking over. 2013 started the rage with technology becoming easily available. This is not to say that paper coupons are a thing of the past though. There will still be those who want to clip and carry coupons, me being one of them.

To maximize your savings it is necessary to surround yourself with multiple companies offering coupons. Each company has different coupons and by having several to look at you have a better chance of saving more money.

I receive coupons delivered to my driveway. No, I don’t buy the newspaper but I do receive all the sale flyers and the coupons that come within the paper. In the past I would only clip out the coupons that I needed and throw out the others. One day while shopping for something, the store did not have the brand I normally purchase so I picked up the same product, different brand. If I have only clipped all the coupons out, I would have saved money on this product, since there was a coupon for it. Now, I clip all the coupons. I share them with friends and from time to time actually redeem them myself.

There are several companies that offer the consumer valuable coupons. Some companies will not only offer you coupons to print but will actually reward you for redeeming them as well. An example of this is: you print a coupon for dog food. The coupons is worth $1 off a 8oz bag. You buy the dog food and hand the cashier the coupons. He/she scans it and $1 is taken off the bill. This coupon also contains a bonus. You just earned 10 points for it. These points accumulate and when you are ready, they are redeemed for gift cards or donations to charity. If you are super savvy this same coupon might be on a coupon site you are a member of (digitally) allowing you even more savings. Let’s say this third coupon site have this same dog food coupon and if you buy the dog food they give you $1.00 in your account. You have just saved three different ways with that one purchase of dog food. You just became a super saver.

I mentioned there are several companies that offer valuable coupons. Lets get to them so you can start working on becoming a coupon master today.



These are gift cards that I have earned. Earn your own for using coupons

These are gift cards that I have earned. Earn your own for using coupons

I have been using the services of this first company for over 10 years. As the years progress they add more and more benefits making them a great place to start. Here, you print coupons straight to your printer. They are valid either in color or black/white, this is your choice. You scroll through the list of available coupons for the area you live. Only select the ones you want to print. Joining their program gives you a unique log in that makes these coupons easy to track. They are valid at any store that accepts coupons, making them easy to use. When the coupons are scanned by the cashier you will save the amount of the coupon instantly plus earn 10 points for each one you redeem here. If you redeem more than 10 in one month you earn an extra bonus of 25 more points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, or donate money to charity. All this for simply using coupons at the grocery store. Find out more here. Or to sign up, click the picture.


This is my account and how much I have made so far. Learn more about it here.

This is my account and how much I have made so far. Learn more about it here.

This next coupon program is slightly different than the one above but that is perfect because sometimes they can work in conjunction with one another allowing for extra earnings. Here you sign in before you plan on grocery shopping because several times a month they add new coupons, and you don’t want to miss any savings. The coupons here are digital. Simply click the button under each coupon to activate it. When you check out at the store and you buy the product you earn money. The money earned will not come off your grocery bill, but rather will be added to your coupon account. This is actual money and checks can be requested for money earned. You can transfer your balance here to a 529 or a student loan account as well, helping you to save or pay down any loans you have. Since there are no paper coupons to redeem and you are not technically seeing savings at the register you can combine the program with other programs, since they can’t cancel each other out, making this an awesome program. Find our more about this program here.

Are you pumped and excited? I hope so, all this saving is what I live for. Well, not entirely but I do love it. We won’t save anything if we stop for tea and a snack, so let’s continue on.  I promise we can talk later. You can always email me or friend request me on Facebook for more information or to just be friends.

This newest site offers coupons and weekly deals direct to your email. You don’t even need to travel around the internet hunting anymore. Simply join their program and that is it, they do all the work for you. I checked them on the BBB, which not every company joins, and found they are rated a B+. Their sign up page allows you to select the types of coupons you want to receive weekly. Select from grocery, restaurant, or both. They also allow you to choose from printable coupon, online coupons, mobile coupons and even coupons delivered directly to a grocery store savings card.  If you like to receive other offers of savings and sweepstakes entries, then this is the site for you. They will offer you surveys to complete and sweepstakes to enter. If you don’t want those simply bypass them and continue on to the coupons. Join here

If you are worried about mail coming to your inbox, sign up for a new email and use this email for all your couponing needs. Two reasons for this suggestion; you can easily find any coupon without overlooking them mixed in with regular email and this way your mailbox isn’t flooded (not that it will be) with offers when you are looking for something from your mom or friend.


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Sally’s Beauty Supply Beauty Club, worth it or not?

I renew my Sally’s Beauty Supply Beauty Club each year however; this year I decided to skip the renewal. I decided that there really wasn’t that much I purchase there. That was before they mailed out the flyer giving me extra savings.

My renewal is due in May. The end of May a flyer appeared in my mailbox with the standard sales inside. On the back was a coupon stating if I renewed I would get a free nail polish. This same coupon gave me an extra 15% off my purchase. I really didn’t plan on buying anything except the renewal and didn’t give it much thought.

Here is what happened next. I was charged only half price for the renewal, not sure why but I wasn’t questioning  deal like this, and I only paid $2.50 instead of $5.00 the standard rate. I also received the free polish. I picked a really cute glitter polish in red,white, and blue that I plan on using for 4th of July nail art. I also flipped through the flyer to discover that Orly (one of my favorite brands) was on sale for buy one get one free. I know a good deal when I see it and found two colors I really liked. In addition to all this I received 15% off my entire purchase.

Find great deals at Sally’s Beauty Supply and get the Sally’s Beauty Supply Beauty Club card, it will give you freebies and save on each purchase you make. Remember, it is $5 and they give you a free $5 coupon to use when you spend $5 or more, making it free.  Check out more nail art designs here.


I started with a light purple base and added Essie "wicked" polish for accent.

I started with a light purple base and added Essie “wicked” polish for accent.


Paint the corner of your nail with “wicked” and let it dry. Add another line leaving a space in-between so the base color shows through. If you don’t feel confident free handing it simply use a piece of scotch tape on the nail and paint one wide stripe. Paint over the tape, then remove it, this is make the same pattern.











The total came to $7.95 with tax. That price was for 3 bottles of polish and the beauty club renewal. The beauty club renewal also gives me a $5 coupon when I spend $5, making this good for a free item.

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Clearance, Never Miss A Chance To Shop It

Clearance, Never miss a chance to shop it. Some of the best deals await discovery on the clearance aisle. Many stores locate these items in the very back hoping you don’t find them. Some stores even move the clearance around throughout the year  to make you travel the regular prices aisles while searching for it.

If you don’t see any clearance, ask where it is. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked an employee where the clearance is. I don’t feel bad about it because many of the items are overpriced anyway and the clearance is probably what I should be paying. Even when I am not technically browsing I stop to glance at clearance and this is why;

The reason for my Walgreens trip was to pick up cold medicine for my daughter. We had medicine at home and it did not seem to be working. The doctor recommended we try another brand since both of the products I was giving her were made by the same company. While hunting for the cold medicine aisle I found a small end-cap with clearance items. There were probably 5 shelves all packed with miscellaneous stuff from folders, makeup, to shampoo, etc. I made a mental note of the location and continued on my search for cold medicine. When I picked up everything I came for I headed back to where I noticed the clearance, where I found an awesome deal.

In a plastic bowl that resembled a fish bowl were ?Yes to Carrots? brand lip balms. None of them had prices and I was going to walk away without asking. Then, I remember I had a coupon for this brand. I located it in my purse. The coupon was for $3 off any $10 purchase of “Yes to Carrots” brand. No particular items was specified.

When I brought the bowl to the makeup checkout counter I was told they were $1 each. I already knew this price was cheaper than the retail price but I didn’t know by how much. I picked out 10 lip balms, all different colors and styles, and set them on the counter. Two of the balms rang up regular price and had to be adjusted. They rang up $5.29 each. The price I paid before coupon was $10 and then I handed the cashier the coupon for $3 off. This coupon was a printed coupon from an online reward company and earned me 10 points. I also saved $3 making the price I paid $7 for 10 lip balms. Now you know why I say Clearance, Never miss a chance to shop it.


I know you are thinking what are you going to do with 10 lip balms? Good question, this is where the deal gets sweet, I plan on adding them to gift baskets for friends and family when holidays come up. I usually jump on deals such as this and store them in the closet then when I have an event or a birthday I bring out everything to see what I have.

Retail for these were $52.90 and My price $7.00 a savings of over 85%.






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Free Make-up, Grocery, Household Coupons and Mail-In Rebates

This week I shopped at Walgreens for a few items. Before leaving the house I checked my coupons. I found two vitamin coupons and two for makeup, all of which I was planning to purchase. The coupons I had were ones that I print off the computer. These coupons were worth money off products at any retailer and points when redeemed. The vitamin coupons were each worth $2 off and the makeup coupons were each worth $1 off. I also made money the minute the cashier scanned the coupons.

You see, each coupon I redeem is worth 10 points. The 40 points I earned on this shopping trip will be combined with other points I currently have. When I choose, I can redeem them for a variety of gift cards or donations to charity, my choice. Not long ago I redeemed points for free movie tickets to my local theater. You too can earn points for printing and redeeming coupons. Click here?.for more information about this free service.

In addition to redeeming coupons and earning points, I also make money back another way. I select coupons each month online. I generally choose all available since there are times I buy items that are not on my regular list. When I purchase any I selected online, the coupon value is added in my online account. I also get the coupon discount at the cash register too and earn 10 points for each one used. I can cash out the money in the form of a check, use it to pay down any student loans, transfer it to a 529 account, or add it to a high yield account where money is price matched. All of these programs work together to maximize benefits. To learn more about what I am doing and to start doing it too, get started here.

Besides sharing my coupon secrets, I decided to also share this tidbit of information. Many companies offer consumers free products to try. Finding out which items are available for try me can be difficult. Click here for a bunch of freebies from makeup to cleaning products. I have also included a few rebates on pet food and detergent.


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