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Restaurant Reward Programs and Kids Eat FREE

Restaurant Reward Programs and Kids Eat Free are the way to dine out.

Many people don’t eat out because they think it is too expensive. That is not always the case though. There have been times that eating out was cheaper than picking up something for dinner at the grocery store. Many restaurants give loyal customers points that can be used toward free food. On top of that, people like me with kids, really benefit with the kids eat free offers. Planned right, coupons, freebies, and points could add up quickly and save you each time you dine out. Here are a few of the places I know that offer customers a good reason to dine with them. 

Outback can be expensive depending on what you order but if you dine out early or order take-out you can save money. Currently, they offer a discount for AARP members Mon-Friday.

Trees Wings and Ribs, Royal Palm Beach offers perks to their VIP members. Every member spins the wheel at the end of their visit, to win actual Tree’s money for their next visit. Coupons are mailed to these customer with special offers too.

Are you a big fan of TGI Fridays, then you are in luck? They have a stripes program that earns you 1 point per $1 spent. When you are ready to redeem them just tell your server. When you join you will be sent special discounts that only member have access to.

Denny’s is another place that families can save. They offer kids eat free on Tuesdays from 4pm to 10pm. Check with your location before arriving as it could change depending on the area of live in.

Butterfields Restaurants (Royal Palm Beach), offer a customer reward program and kids eat free.

Hurricane Grill has a reward program. Earn one point for every dollar purchased. Earn double points the first time you use the loyalty card and double points on Mondays. When you get 100 points, they are deducted and a $10 reward is loaded on the card. You can redeem it whenever you choose. PB Gardens Location offers kids eat free on Tuesdays, call ahead to verifity.

BJ’s Restaurant offers a freebie for signing up for their reward program. 75 points equal $5 off and 350 points equal $25 off.  Register now to see your points and to get a free mini Pizookie or handcrafted soda.

Red Robin gives a FREE Birthday Burger to their loyal customers. Simply register for their reward program and earn $20 towards your 6th visit, every 10th item is free, and a Free Birthday Burger.

Brewzzi Points and VIP Programs offer customers a way to earn 1 point per dollar spent. Earn double points on Mondays and Tuesdays and on Take-Out orders every day. For $30 annual fee, customers can become VIP members and earn a buy one get one entree (dine in only) and other benefits.

Another way to earn money is to sign up for this program. It is free to join and with thousands of restaurants that are partners members earn between 2% and 8% back for dining out. This can be combined with all of these reward programs for maximum benefits. Find out more on how it works here.

Jumby Bay Island Grill offers kids eat free Mon thru Thurs with the purchase of an adult meal. If you have the Enjoy the City book, find coupons inside to save a little extra.

With Duffy’s MVP program you will receive a complimentary birthday gift added to your card. Also receive 40% off afternoon break (40% off all food purchases from the regular menu) every Monday through Friday between 2 and 4pm. Tuesdays is double points. Kids eat free with the purchase of an adult menu item, call ahead to confirm

Moe’s Southwest Grill, Wellington FL offers kids eat free Wednesdays 5pm to 9pm. Mondays are $5.99 any burrito, chips & salsa special. Moe’s at Legacy Place in Palm Beach Gardens, offers kids eat free 5pm to close (no day specified).  Moe’s at City Place has kids eat free Wednesdays 5pm to 10pm. They also offer Military discounts, call for details.


Click the picture for more ways to save while dining out!

Tijuana Flats has two tacos, chips, and a drink for $5.49 every Tuesday. Thursdays is free kids meal with the purchase of an entree, 5pm to 9pm. Palm Beach Gardens, FL location.

Do you enjoy the ale house? If so, Garden’s Ale House offers kids eat free with an adult on Tuesdays. All day.

Carolina Ale House, Boynton Beach, FL offers kids eat free Tuesdays 5pm to 9pm. They are listed in the Enjoy the City book with extra saving coupons too.

Renegades is offering Tuesday Taco’s All You Can Eat $4.95 from 4pm to 7pm. Wednesday is Kids eat Free from 6pm to 8pm.

Lindburgers every Monday, all day, and kids 12 and under eat for FREE.  One free kids meal with the purchase of an adult entree and beverage. 


Restaurant Reward Programs and Kids Eat Free offers are the way to dine out. There are no shortage of restaurants wanting your business so take advantage of those who really want to serve you instead of those you eat at only to end up wishing you had just stayed home because the staff really didn’t wait on you and never came back to the table after the food was served until the check was due.


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For more Savings, sign up for this free program. Here you will earn between 2% and 8% back for dining out at thousands of restaurants.








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Fade-Out Nails by Easy Nail Art Designs

Fade-Out Nails, a very unique way to polish your nails. You will need 5 different colors of nail polish for this design, a glitter top coat, and some make-up sponges.

I love nail polish and nail art. I have been painting my nails probably since I was 10 years old. I had a card table set up in my room that I used as a nail station. My mom, who still doesn’t wear polish, would buy me polish, glue, and anything else I asked for. One would think this would have been my calling in life however; I don’t do this as a job, I only paint my own nails and my daughters. I love to share my Easy Nail Art Designs with others and encourage you to do your own nails too.

This past week I decided to try a new design. I would label it as Fade-Out Nails. I painted each nail a different color. Then used those same colors to sponge on color at the bottom fading it out. The design is really cool and looks very expensive. If you paid a salon to do this it might cost $5 a nail or more.

Many of the polishes I buy from Sally’s Beauty and they can be purchased online. If you sign up for their reward card, which cost $5, you will receive $5 off a purchase and earn a free gift ? making this reward card basically free.  They are having several freebies for this month with purchases.


These are the polishes I used. They are Sally's Brand, Opi, and China Glaze. I always use a quick dry top coat that dries to the touch in about 1 minute.

These are the polishes I used. They are Sally’s Brand, Opi, and China Glaze. I always use a quick dry top coat that dries to the touch in about 1 minute.


Fade-Out Plain Nails 

My nails with single layer polish and before my designs.

  This is my nails after painting each one a different color. I could have left them just like this and it would have been cute, however: I wanted something more dramatic and decided to do Fade-Out Nails. Try to pick colors that are similar. As you notice these colors are all summer colors and look good together.






Fade-Out Nails by Easy Nail Art Designs

My nails after Fade-Out

Here is the finished product. What do you think? Would you like your nails to look like this? If so watch the video on my Facebook Page to see how it is done. Also, check out my other designs with step by step instructions. 





Get Your Beauty Club Card Here, Start Saving Now. 

Check out my facebook page for more designs with pictures and videos on how to do them yourself. 



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Pinkalicious, Book Reviews for Kids

Pinkalicious kids books are a favorite in our house, according to Miranda, a very princess like kindergartner.

My daughter Miranda, age 6, is excited about learning and reading. The books that she chooses to read involve girls doing extraordinary things. Either they save the world, influence society, or just show off their feminine side. Pinkalicious Books are exactly that.

One of the favorite books modeling this concept is Pinkalicious. Pinkalicious wears all pink, a favorite of Miranda’s. I don’t think a color exits in her eyes other than pink or red. A crown is involved and a wand in this book making its cover extra appealing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the cupcake Pinkalicious is holding in her hand. Everything about this cover embraces all princess qualities many girls fancy, to include mine.

Pinkalicious by Miranda Brown

Miranda loves this book so much that we have more than one copy. Just last week her school had free kids books and she came home with another copy. When she showed me the book she received I asked her if she was allowed to select the book or just given a book. She replied ?I chose this book?, whereas my response was ?why??  She proceeded to tell me that no girl could have too many Pinkalicious books. What was a mother to say to this? No reply would have been good enough so I simply smiled.

My daughter is in Kindergarten and can read this book with minimal assistance. It is a little long and my take 20 minutes or maybe more than one sitting to finish, depending on the child. Each page has vivid pictures depicting what the story is stating.

My daughter read Pinkalicious again for the unknowns’ time. This time she decided that if she loves this book so much maybe other girls would too. Maybe girls who have never heard of Pinkalicious would be interested in learning about her and possibly owning a copy of the book too.

 Watch Miranda’s book review for kids (princesses especially, who love pink and red).





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Coppertone Simply Sheer Sunscreen – all varieties Review

Do you ever wonder how new products make it to store shelves? A lot of money is spent on making sure that a new product is appealing to the consumer. Companies also want people to come back and purchase again and to do this they have consumers try it first.  Today I am trying Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 spray on. That is where I come in. You see, I am a product tester. I only product test for one company but would like to expand that in the future. However; I do complete surveys about products and services for a few companies. I get paid with gift cards, cash, and points for these.

I have tested out cereal, beauty products, shoe inserts, and am currently trying out sunscreen. With summer just around the corner I will be using a lot of sunscreen and this is a perfect product for me to try. Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen Packaging is very appealing. The colors are light give a refreshing vibe.

I received Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen. In the box was a large lotion sunscreen, two spray on sunscreens, and a four smaller travel size sunscreens. I also received coupons that I can share with those interested in trying the product as well and for myself to purchase.

Yesterday I tried the spray on sunscreen. It is protector 50. The sunscreen has a light pleasant scent and sprayed on clear. After about 1 minute it was dry. When I rubbed my arm I couldn’t tell I was wearing sunscreen and thought I had missed a spot so I re-applied it. After rubbing my arm again I still did not feel it. It was then I realized that this sunscreen does not leave a residue. I already like it and I hadn’t even done any yard work yet. Since it covers in a matte finish it could be wore daily under makeup.

I recently bought stepping stone and I had half of them left to put down along the house. I worked for probably a little over one hour and during that time I was not bothered by the sunscreen. I did not feel itchy nor did I feel greasy. As a matter of fact I could not tell I was wearing sunscreen at all.

After my experience with Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 spray on sunscreen I am ready to try the other sunscreen products and see how they compare to this one. I really liked this sunscreen and believe this is the best type for active people.

I am so lucky to be part of bzzagent and get to product test for them.

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Summer Reading Programs

With summer just around the corner, many companies are offering incentives to keep kids reading. My children are part of the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading and the Scholastic Summer Reading programs. Each offer different incentives and this encourages reading.

My daughter has read 7 of the 8 required books by Barnes & Noble. Once she reaches the eighth book she turns in the printout listing the books read at any Barnes & Noble store in return for a free book. I also agreed to purchase her a book of her choice for reading as well.

Scholastic is an online reading program. Each of my children have their own account. With Scholastic Summer Reading, each day they log in and enter the number of minutes they have read. My daughter has read 267 minutes in the last two weeks. Seeing this number change is exciting for her and encourages more reading. Each week when they log their minutes they are entered into a sweepstakes. The past two sweepstakes entries were for book sets. The more reading completed the more prizes unlocked. She has received an offer to read an online book, which she turned down, for logging her minutes. Children can also create an avatar and play games once signed in, making this not just about reading but a place to come and have fun.

These two program are great and offer a way to keep children in school mode. In the past, I would let them have their summers to themselves and only give them work when they were not attending summer camp. I believe this was a disadvantage to them. Their skills declined and it was very hard to get them back into work mode. This year I have decided to change that, with the help of summer reading programs. They will again attend summer camp but each day they will be required to read at least 15 minutes and complete some math. The drive to and from school is a perfect opportunity to read. What else are they doing besides fighting with each other or asking a million questions? After I explained to my children that there is nothing to do while riding in the car and this allows them free time when they get home, they jumped on this and compete as to who will read first. No one wants to be last and maybe not finish before we arrive home, because this would cut into their play time.

Stay tuned for some book reviews with my daughters opinion on books she reads and who she thinks would benefit from reading them.

Clearance, Never Miss A Chance To Shop It

Clearance, Never miss a chance to shop it. Some of the best deals await discovery on the clearance aisle. Many stores locate these items in the very back hoping you don’t find them. Some stores even move the clearance around throughout the year  to make you travel the regular prices aisles while searching for it.

If you don’t see any clearance, ask where it is. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked an employee where the clearance is. I don’t feel bad about it because many of the items are overpriced anyway and the clearance is probably what I should be paying. Even when I am not technically browsing I stop to glance at clearance and this is why;

The reason for my Walgreens trip was to pick up cold medicine for my daughter. We had medicine at home and it did not seem to be working. The doctor recommended we try another brand since both of the products I was giving her were made by the same company. While hunting for the cold medicine aisle I found a small end-cap with clearance items. There were probably 5 shelves all packed with miscellaneous stuff from folders, makeup, to shampoo, etc. I made a mental note of the location and continued on my search for cold medicine. When I picked up everything I came for I headed back to where I noticed the clearance, where I found an awesome deal.

In a plastic bowl that resembled a fish bowl were ?Yes to Carrots? brand lip balms. None of them had prices and I was going to walk away without asking. Then, I remember I had a coupon for this brand. I located it in my purse. The coupon was for $3 off any $10 purchase of “Yes to Carrots” brand. No particular items was specified.

When I brought the bowl to the makeup checkout counter I was told they were $1 each. I already knew this price was cheaper than the retail price but I didn’t know by how much. I picked out 10 lip balms, all different colors and styles, and set them on the counter. Two of the balms rang up regular price and had to be adjusted. They rang up $5.29 each. The price I paid before coupon was $10 and then I handed the cashier the coupon for $3 off. This coupon was a printed coupon from an online reward company and earned me 10 points. I also saved $3 making the price I paid $7 for 10 lip balms. Now you know why I say Clearance, Never miss a chance to shop it.


I know you are thinking what are you going to do with 10 lip balms? Good question, this is where the deal gets sweet, I plan on adding them to gift baskets for friends and family when holidays come up. I usually jump on deals such as this and store them in the closet then when I have an event or a birthday I bring out everything to see what I have.

Retail for these were $52.90 and My price $7.00 a savings of over 85%.






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Is It Always A Good Deal?

Well, what is a Good Deal Anyway? It is hard to determine “is it always a good deal” when you aren’t aware of what a good deal is made of.

Many times I hear people tell me what they bought and how much they saved. I am all for saving and getting the best deal and I love to hear their experiences. I listen intently and at the end of the conversation I usually have questions, some of them are ” why did you buy that”, “do you have a yard to rake?” and so on. The reason for my confusion when listening to great saving trips is that people seem to get into the spirit of buying. Yes, they don’t buy items because they need them or buy them thinking of someone who may need them, but rather because of the deal they came across.

My question to you is, “Is It Always A Good Deal?”.

I believe a good deal is finding an awesome price on an item you need. An item you need is one that you plan on purchasing whether it is on sale or not. Finding it for less than retail makes it a good deal. There are exception to my theory and they are as follows; if the item is one you have wanted for awhile and would only consider buying it if it were on sale then finding it on sale makes it an awesome deal as well.

In my eyes, people who buy just to buy and then explain what a great deal they received are actually losing. Buying items you have no need for (using or donating) making them useless. The money spent on useless items will never be seen again and now you are less the money spent.

Now that we are clear on what makes up a good deal I will share this weeks deal with you. I buy cat litter. I used to purchase it for one cat but now I have one cat and two kittens and need more of it. The price is $7.79 at my local grocery store. If I find litter on sale I will stock up on it even if I haven’t used what I currently bought. At Walgreens, a place I would never think to shop for litter, the brand I buy was on sale with a Walgreens coupon, making the price $4.99. This is a good deal since it is something I would pay $7.79 for in a few weeks time. While planning my Walgreens trip I decided to see what else they had on sale that I could use. This is what I ended up finding;

The Sunday Flyer showed lunch meat that I purchase on sale. The price was 2/$5 and I had a coupon for $1 off. Banana Boat Sunscreen was buy one get one free, and with my $2 coupon this was also a good deal. Both items are part of my typical shopping list and with summer coming I was in need of sunscreen for my children.


Finding a good deal doesn’t have to be getting it for free. A savings of just $5 is a good deal and that extra $5 can be applied toward something else you desire. But a good deal is buying something that you need,desire,or could give to someone else in need.  Please ask yourself “Is It Always A Good Deal?” when it is on sale.

walgreens receipt

This receipt shows I spent $22.26 and saved $25.27. I consider this to be an awesome deal. Whenever you save more than you spend it is Awesome.
















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Raising Baby Kittens

I had my first experience raising baby kittens this year. I was never really a cat person until one day 14 years ago, a kitten showed up in my yard during a rain storm. My husband and I decided to keep her. We named her Alli. She is the only cat I have ever had or dealt with until this year when I became the mom to Joli and Molli, each 2 weeks of age.

This is Joli. After drinking the bottle she fell asleep with her mouth open.

This is Joli. After drinking the bottle she fell asleep with her mouth open.

How this all got started is somewhat of a mystery. I had mentioned to my mom that Nick and Mira (my human children) wanted a kitten and my husband was on board with it as well. We stopped at the vet’s office to pick up a prescription for our dog, Jacki, when Mira and I noticed kittens in cages. We walked over and started petting them through the bars. We took pictures of one kitten and sent it to Brian to see. He started asking questions and determined that this kitten was almost out of the kitten stage and that we could not have it. Mira was very upset but I told her we would find something else. Months later my mom told me about stray kittens in her neighborhood.

One evening my mom called to ask me if I wanted to come and take a look at some kittens that a stray Calico had just delivered. They might be a few weeks old she said. Brian and I were interested in seeing them and drove over. The Calico cat, probably no more than 1 year of age, had a litter of 7 babies. She was keeping them in a tree until she felt safe enough to bring them down. She brought them to a neighbors house where the mother could rest and get meals. The neighbor is seasonal and was planning to leave for Ohio where she spends the summers. With this being the case, there would be no one to look after them. It was decided that the kittens and their mother would be taken to a shelter.

mira reading

We planned on only getting one kitten but after seeing them and both my children wanting one of their own, we ended up with two. Joli was the runt of the litter. She seemed to be pushed away when the bigger and stronger kittens wanted to be close to their mother. She is beautiful. She is a calico just like her mother and the only calico baby born. I just love her. Her eyes are a charcoal blue/gray combination.  Molli, on the other hand is larger and more bold in attitude. She is blonde/orange with stripes like a tiger on her. She had crystal blue eyes that look like the sky.

Raising Baby Kittens takes alot of love and patience. When we brought the kittens home we realized they did not know how to eat yet and did not know how to use the bathroom yet. We became true Cat Parents at that point. For more on my journey “How To Raise Baby Kittens 2 weeks of age through 5 weeks of age, click here. 

Watch more videos of the kittens here.




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