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Free Make-up, Grocery, Household Coupons and Mail-In Rebates

This week I shopped at Walgreens for a few items. Before leaving the house I checked my coupons. I found two vitamin coupons and two for makeup, all of which I was planning to purchase. The coupons I had were ones that I print off the computer. These coupons were worth money off products at any retailer and points when redeemed. The vitamin coupons were each worth $2 off and the makeup coupons were each worth $1 off. I also made money the minute the cashier scanned the coupons.

You see, each coupon I redeem is worth 10 points. The 40 points I earned on this shopping trip will be combined with other points I currently have. When I choose, I can redeem them for a variety of gift cards or donations to charity, my choice. Not long ago I redeemed points for free movie tickets to my local theater. You too can earn points for printing and redeeming coupons. Click here?.for more information about this free service.

In addition to redeeming coupons and earning points, I also make money back another way. I select coupons each month online. I generally choose all available since there are times I buy items that are not on my regular list. When I purchase any I selected online, the coupon value is added in my online account. I also get the coupon discount at the cash register too and earn 10 points for each one used. I can cash out the money in the form of a check, use it to pay down any student loans, transfer it to a 529 account, or add it to a high yield account where money is price matched. All of these programs work together to maximize benefits. To learn more about what I am doing and to start doing it too, get started here.

Besides sharing my coupon secrets, I decided to also share this tidbit of information. Many companies offer consumers free products to try. Finding out which items are available for try me can be difficult. Click here for a bunch of freebies from makeup to cleaning products. I have also included a few rebates on pet food and detergent.


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Pharmacy And Cheap Prescription Drug Prices, Some Free

Are you struggling to pay for your prescriptions?

Looking for Pharmacy and cheap prescription drug prices?  

How about free prescriptions? keep reading.

Freebies are real and companies are giving them away every chance they get, but finding them can be difficult, until now. I search out all freebies and have gotten a bunch of stuff over the years. Medication is just one of the ways I make money while saving money.

Recently my daughter was sick with a double ear infection. I had already taken her to the pediatrician and paid $20 a visit. Twice they found nothing wrong with her. When she complained about her ears and of not feeling well, I took her to a clinic. There, they discovered she had a double ear infection and wanted to give her antibiotics. I already figured she would need medicine and gave the clinic the  pharmacy number for Publix, that I know gives free antibiotics. The doctor said they weren’t sure if the pharmacy gave the free antibiotics to children or only adults.  I just told them to make sure she was given the free prescription amount so we didn’t have to pay.

When we picked up the prescription, it was free, just like I knew it would be. Why should I pay and visit my regular pharmacy if I can get it free. Pharmacy and cheap prescription drug prices should be given to patients by their doctors. This saved me $20 for the appointment and $20 for the antibiotics.

Many people are suffering and not taking medications they need because they are not aware of pharmacies that offer freebies. Doctors should familiarize themselves with these pharmacies to help their patients out, but many don’t.

Publix is in my area and they not only offer free antibiotics but they also offer free high blood pressure medicine. Here is what I found at Publix?.

Lisinopril: Free 30-day supply of ACE inhibitor lisinopril, used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes and some heart conditions and chronic kidney conditions. Get up to 60 tablets per month.

Antibiotics: Free 14-day supply of Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Cephalexin (capsules or suspension), Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (SMZ-TMP), Ciprofloxacin (excluding Ciprofloxacin XR), Penicillin VK and Doxycycline Hyclate (capsules).

Metformin: Free 30-day supply of 500 mg, 850 mg or 1000 mg immediate-release tablets. Get up to 90 per month.

Here are pharmacies that offer free medications. Many more offer discount medications starting at just $4 for a 30-day prescription.

Click To Access  Free Prescription Medication Locations

Access FREE Prescriptions


The article below will teach you others ways to make money while saving money too.

This is me with all the savings I received just for making money while saving money. See what I am doing, click here.

See how I save money and make money all at the same time. Click here!

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Unclaimed Cash In Your Name


Is there Unclaimed Cash in your name?

Many years ago I discovered money owed me sitting in a holding account. I never did figure out how it got there since I had lived at the same address forever. Apparently when companies owe consumers money they often don’t take the time to connect with the customer for reimbursement and the money ends up in an unclaimed money fund.

Unclaimed cash and property can consist of dividends, insurance refunds, bank account balances, un-cashed checks, securities, utility refunds, royalties, child support payments, etc. This can also happen when an estate is settled and contact can not be made with the heirs. The money sits in holding which can include state/local governments, banks, businesses, retailers, hospitals, etc. The money must be turned over to the state in which the owners’ last address resides in. If you have lived in multiple states, money may be sitting around waiting to be claimed in all of them. The funds are held until the owner can be found.

It is time consuming to search each state for their unclaimed cash and property fund department. Once found, names are submitted and a search is performed. Sometimes money is under just the first initial and the last name. Sometimes money is under the maiden name. It can be difficult to search and locate all the money owed to you.

There are advantages to using a service. Since not all unclaimed assets are in state and federal databases yet, even though they will eventually end up there, there may be a delay in locating the money. Most unclaimed funds departments have scheduled update times allowing the search you perform to be outdated. However; services that search for you are able to search the database and locate money quicker and faster.

To see if there is anything out there for you to claim start with a free trial. This allows you to see the dollar amount in unclaimed funds reported. This is not a guarantee that the money is yours since there are others with the same information as you. It simply means that funds are unclaimed matching the description you provided. Once money or property is found that belongs to you simply subscribe to the premium plan and you will be guided through the claim process step by step. You can even speak with an asset recovery specialist. They are available to help with any confusing or complicated parts.

Not only will you find unclaimed funds for yourself, but you can find anything owed your family and even your friends. The database used contains information from all 50 states and several Federal agencies that could belong to you. This is tedious work so let someone with experience do it for you.

Get Started Today!

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Complete Surveys For Cash While Influencing New Products

Surveys For Cash

Do you complete surveys for FREE? What, quit giving away your valuable and profitable opinions!

Sign up here to Start Earning Rewards.

 Do you want to change the products you buy or influence new products that hit the market? Sharing your opinion through market research is the best way of doing this. Your opinion is valuable to manufacturers. They want products that people want to buy and what better way to determine this than by asking consumers. Now do you realize how important your opinion is? It is so important that people like you are getting paid to express their feelings about products and services. Yes, they actually get paid.

In one company alone I have made over $200 for my opinions, in cash. I have also been paid with points that I redeemed for gift cards to places I visit, just as good as cash. My opinion can save companies millions of dollars and make them millions more. Your opinion is tremendously valuable too, start earning, complete surveys  for giving away the knowledge you possess. Here is how it is done:

Sign up here to be a test marketer. Once you sign up, you will be asked an array of questions to determine what fields you are interested in. This is the type of products and services you will be asked about. Fill out any information asked the best you can, it is very important. Research companies are in direct partnership with top companies around the world and the surveys gathered have a huge impact on the development of products and services you see on the shelves each day.

All personal information you provide will not be shared with any of the companies. Companies are only allowed to gather your opinions and preferences about topics. Also, currently 49 countries are partnered here so if you live outside the United States you can still participate. Rewards are earned for every online survey completed.

Get Started Today And Get Paid To Talk.



Mypoints and reward cards

When looking for a way to save money on everyday purchases with online sales and earn freebies in the process, Mypoints is it! Membership is free.

They offer a variety of ways to earn rewards. Joining takes a few minutes.  They ask a variety of questions. These questions help Mypoints to see what your interest are and what types of shopping you generally do. Each set of questions they ask will give you points towards your rewards. Some of the categories of questions are past travel, family, etc.
I have been a member for over 5 years now. I have earned a variety of gift cards, some of which I have given as gifts to others. Rewards consists of restaurant, stores, gas, hotel, airlines miles, and many more. They also allow rewards to be transferred into a charitable donation.
Online shopping?..The ways to earn points are tremendous. For starters points are earned just for joining. When all the start-up questions are answered members can earn 60 points. They also offer points for shopping online. This is very easy to do. Members simply log into their account and search for the store of interest. There is also a search feature to help locate products. Members can also receive rewards for booking travel.
Printable Coupons?..Local grocery coupons are available to print. Members are asked their zip code and coupons load for the local area. Simply check the box on the coupons wanted and when finished simply select print. The coupons will appear on your printer for you to cut apart and redeem. Each coupon will save you money at the grocery store. Members will also earn 10 points for each one redeemed. Additional points are earned when more than 10 coupons are used during a one month period.
Bonus Mail?..Mypoints offers members a chance to earn points for opening email. Members can decide how much mail they want to receive. Each email is worth 5 points. Many of them contain specials online retailers are having and when members click through to the retailer and make a purchase additional points are earned.
Fill Out Surveys?..Another way to earn points is by completing surveys. These surveys help create changes in the shopping experience for the consumer. They are also used to see what products consumers like and dislike and companies use information gathered from surveys to influence what items remain on the shelves and which are discontinued. Surveys pay 10 points for attempting to qualify and the points vary on qualified surveys. Qualified surveys can range from 50 points up to 200 points.
Play Games?.Mypoints offers a game section on their website. Here, members can log into play games and earn points. They offer all the latest games.
Free Trials?Within the Mypoints website is a section for free trials. Points range from 50 points to over 2,000 for each trial.

Start your Mypoints account today, join for free.

See How I Got Paid Over $5,000 To Shop

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to take a minute and share a savings tip. You may have heard about it from me before but it is so important that I want to share it again.

The reason I chose right now to contact you is because I just checked my inbox and I received another request asking me if I knew anyone who could benefit and who I could help out. Well, I thought of you. Don’t act so surprised??I think of you often.

I know you are saying, come on Vicki, just get to the point. I am trying to get your attention first?.I don’t want just half your brain? I want all of it.

Are you there?

Ok, well I’ve made over $5,000 so far with this FREE Program?Yes, I said FREE. Now, get that skeptical look off your face. This is what I do best?..find freebies and great savings. I love sharing what I know and you will learn that when I tell you something ~ it can always be verified. I am honest and truthful.

I don’t preach what I can’t back up.

Take a look at this screen shot of my account. Yes, this is my actual account.

Here we go??I am a member, a free member, of this program that pays me to buy groceries, shop online, and dine out. I know you are still wearing that face of disbelief. Keep listening though. It is run by Sallie Mae and here is how it works.

You sign up for a free account. No strings attached, I promise you. You register your grocery cards. I know you are saying my store doesn’t have a grocery card. That may not be true. I shop at Publix and they don’t have a grocery card however; they have a special shopping card for those of us in this program. Yes, they participate. If a major grocery store participates it can’t be a scam. See I told you, you will learn to trust me.

OK, so sign up here?..I will make a video helping you to locate which grocery stores is part of the program and show you how to register your grocery cards. You can always shoot me an email with any question you may have. I am very familiar with everything about this program. I have been doing this for years.

The next way to make money from this FREE program is to shop online. Yes, shopping online is a very easy way to make easy money. You simple type in the store you want to shop at in the search field on this site and you will connect to it directly. When you make a purchase using any form of payment the store accepts you will earn a percentage into your new FREE account, you just made. If you haven’t signed up yet, lets get going?everything I am telling you won’t make sense if you don’t have an account to see it for yourself. I told you I have made over $5,000 here. Oh, I forget to mention, all the money I made was tax free. Yes, because it is considered rebates.

Sign up NOW, click here.

Many restaurants are also part of the program. Eating at one of thousands of restaurants in the network allows you to earn money back. You can earn up to 8% of your bill, to include tax and tip, back into your account just for eating at one of the participating restaurants. It is that easy. The restaurants listed also include which days they provide money back, a menu to look at, reviews by other members, and directions.

This is a one stop program.

I use this program to save for my children and help them save for their future. However, you may use it for yourself or anyone else you chose to. There are several options for investing your earnings; you can select a check, invest in a 529 account, or pay off student loans. I chose the first option.

For more about saving for your children’ future or that of another family member check out “Best Ways to Save for College~My Childrens Future“.



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Save Money to Make Money

What exactly do I mean by Save Money to Make Money, I’m not going to tell you. I am going to show you. Read more to find out.

Everytime someone hears that I have my own business they complaint about how they would love to have their own business but they don’t have the money. Lets see, they have money to eat out at restaurants, go to the movies, buy expensive jewelry and clothing, get their hair cut and colored, and drive an expensive vehicle, but they don’t have money to invest in themselves. Wow, what must they think of themselves. I guess they are not worth the investment. These people would rather spend their money to make everyone else rich, instead of themselves. Yes, you are lining the pockets of each and every company you buy from.

There are plenty of ways to get money when you really want something. Save money to make money is all it really takes. It is not that hard. You can get a loan to invest in yourself. You could cut back the cable bill, take quicker showers to save water, eat less expensive foods, eat out less, oh – and cut out that daily trip to Starbucks at over $5.00 each morning.

You can also start learning how to save so you can learn how to spend. I make money back for shopping. Yes, I get paid to shop. What a cool concept. While I am shopping online making money you are out putting miles on your car,  wasting your gas and time to buy the same items I am without making any money back. You don’t have to believe me, see for yourself by clicking the picture below.

Learn how to save the money you make so you can learn how to spend it wisely, like on a good investment, yourself. 

Where there is a will there is a way. Start investing in you today. Watch the video below to get started. If you aren’t ready just yet, watch the video below anyway to see what you are missing out on. Remember “tomorrow never comes” and if you want a change it starts with you. While your waiting to up your mind to make money, watch this video,

P.S.  I’m Vicki, author of several articles helping people who are ready to leave the 9 to 5 work day. Are you working day in and day out inside a rat race? with nothing to show for it? 

Join me in working from home part time or full time . Any questions or comments, contact me below.

Make it a Great Day, Vicki




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Welcome To My Home, I Am So Glad You Stopped By

Hi, my name is Vicki

Here are a few things about me;

Yes, my name is really Vicki. Many people think it is short for Victoria but it isn’t. My mom wanted to name me after my grandmother whose middle name was Victoria, but thought everyone would shorten it to Vicki therefore; she just named me Vicki to avoid all of that. Funny thing is, people call me Victoria. I just answer to it because it is easier than telling them it isn’t my name.

I am a native Floridian. Yep, I was born in West Palm Beach and still reside locally. Do you know where we vacation? Get this. We travel north where the snow is to vacation. That is really funny when you think about it. People from up north travel to the sunshine and I travel to the snow. For the past three or so years we have visited New Hampshire to ski. I am not an avid skier and it takes me a long time to make it down the mountain. I see my son pass by twice before I get to the bottom.

Another interesting fact about me is I love saving and making money. Saving money is really making money because if I don’t spend then I am accumulating it. I am a member of several reward programs that pay me to buy stuff. That is a crazy thought isn’t it. Here is a true story about how I saved hundreds of dollars when buying a swingset. First of all, have you noticed that swingsets are not cheap. When I was a kid we had the metal ones. Do you remember those? It would be boiling hot and you wanted to play outside. Steam was waving off the slide but it was so inviting. I remember leaning back to make sure I would not have my leg touch the slide as I slid down. I didn’t want to get burned but the thought  of how fun the slide was outweighed the possibility of me getting burned. I never though to get a towel and use it to slide on.

Well, metal swingsets are a thing of the past. Now they are made of hard plastic or wood. I found a plastic one with powered coated metal legs to keep it from rusting. I finally narrowed the search down to one swingset I wanted to buy. It was over $1500.00. Yes, you read that correct. How did a swingset soar to such a high price? This is nothing special either. It had a slide that was attached to a platform for the kids to stand on. I guess it resembles a treestand. There were also one swing and a tire swing on it. That is it. Just a basic swing set.

I searched the internet for the swing set I wanted and found a few stores carried it. Guess where I found it? Overstock. I found it there by accident. I didn’t even know that overstock sold swing sets. Overstock was listed on a reward site I use and they offered me, I believe, 5% back for buying it. Not too bad since I planned on getting it anyway. I also had a credit card that offered 5% if I shopped at a store listed on the reward page. Well, this is looking even better now. This was almost too good to be true. Almost. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the best part to tell you. Overstock was giving me the swing set with free shipping. Yes, this was the only store offering it for free shipping. This was a $149 savings. This swing set that started at $1500 was starting to look very good to me.  The final savings I got was Overstock has a club, for $19.99 a year I could get 10% off all purchases. The savings on this swing set was worth more than the $19.99 the club cost me so I joined. I saved several hundred dollars buying this swing set for the kids. They still use it today and we have had it for a few years now. I could tell you more ways I save but this was a very big savings and I really wanted to share that with you.

Find out more about me as you read my articles. I love to interact so drop me a message. I do read each one and would love to hear from you. Oh, one last thing you might want to know about me. I started my own business where I can now work my own hours and spend more time (sometimes quality, sometimes not so much) with my family.

Welcome again to my home. I am so glad we got a chance to find each other.